“A Vote Heard ‘Round the State!”

“It was a vote heard around the state!”

Senate File 2 passed the Iowa Senate on Thursday with all 29 Senate Republicans and one Independent Senator voting YES and all 20 Democrats voting NO. The 2 page bill states, in part,

“…family planning services program funds shall not be made to any entity that performs abortions or that maintains or operates a facility where abortions are performed.”

That provision became the entire focus of the legislation. Several Democrats attempted a desperate argument opposed to the bill but in the end were defeated by an impressive array of strong pro-life proponents on the Republican side. If they gave an award for the “most valuable player” in the debate it would most certainly go to Senator Amy Sinclair.

Sen. Amy Sinclair
Sen. Amy Sinclair

It would be well worth the time to listen to her closing remarks online by clicking here.

It has been a long and hard fought journey to get to this point.  For years pro-life advocates have tried to prohibit public funds from going to abortionists.  With Democrats in control of the Senate, we have always been defeated.  Not today.  Today life won, and abortionists who make money from the shedding of innocent blood lost.

The Capitol team wishes to offer our heartfelt thanks to the thousands of Iowans who have been praying and working for this victory for so long, and to the voters who gave strong pro-life majorities to the Iowa House and Senate.  We also would like to thank Governor Branstad for setting the stage for this victory in his Condition of the State address in January.  We praise God for His mercy and for inspiring the faithful lawmakers who serve here in Des Moines.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment and send a note to the 29 Republican Senators and one Independent Senator, and thank them for their vote Thursday.