The Family Leadership Summit 2017

WATCH: “There’s never been a time more urgent than now …”

Earlier this month, a gunman asked whether it was the Republican or Democrat baseball team practicing on the field below him. When he found out those on the field were members of the opposite political party, he opened fire.

It’s clear America must stop the “us vs. them” rhetoric and the demonizing of those with whom we disagree.

Or as Bob Vander Plaats explains in this brief video, “There’s never been a time more urgent than now for principled leadership over politics”:

Come, join thousands of others like you, who love God AND America, and who want to see our nation put “Principle over Politics” again! Come, join us at the 2017 Family Leadership Summit on July 15. Click here to learn more and reserve your tickets today!

Bob Vander Plaats: Trump delivers ‘presidential moment’ on Islam

Bob challenges Trump: We need a champion

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