VIDEO: After Las Vegas shooting … what can we DO?

VIDEO: Bob speaks to NFL, anthems, and America’s greater needs

Two Americas: Charlottesville and Houston

Pictures from the racial violence in Charlottesville and the hurricane recovery efforts in Houston reveal two very different faces of America.

The FAMiLY LEADER’s Drew Zahn explains that you and I can make a difference in which face becomes the truer one:

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Should Trump’s faith advisory council resign?

Since several members of President Trump’s business advisory council resigned en masse, multiple reporters have asked The FAMiLY LEADER President and CEO Bob Vander Plaats if Trump’s faith advisory council should do the same.

In fact, Pastor A.R. Bernard has already left the council, suggesting its “advisory” capacity is little more than a “photo op.”

But Vander Plaats believes the faith council, like the Prophet Nathan who once corrected a wayward King David, may yet have an important role to play in the path of this president:

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You don’t want to miss a moment: 2017 Family Leadership Summit

One month ago, the 6th Annual Family Leadership Summit inspired and encouraged Christians to join a movement advancing the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33).

Watch a 4-minute video recap of the amazing day below:

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Breakout sessions page

Does the Bible really address politics? Should preachers?

No matter what you believe about church and state, Pastor Jim Garlow is sure to challenge your thinking.

When pastors tell him, “I only preach Jesus,” he has a return question: “Are you telling me that if you were a pastor before the Civil War, that you wouldn’t have spoken out against slavery?”

For when you refuse to preach biblical principles because they’re too “political,” what you’re really doing is allowing politics to censor your Bible.

“I don’t want you to be more political,” Garlow tells preachers, “I wish you were more biblical.”

Watch Garlow’s riveting address to the 2017 Family Leadership Summit below:

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Watch Kellyanne Conway interview from FLS17

At The Family Leadership Summit on July 15, attendees saw a side of Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway they virtually never see on mainstream television.

Rather than being badgered by a hostile reporter, Conway was given the opportunity to be interviewed about her faith, her family, and her challenging task of working in the White House and before the public eye.

After news reports were hastily filed criticizing Conway yet again, why not watch for yourself to see what she really said?

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Bob on CNN: Tells Trump to focus while others ‘jump to conclusions’

While politicos and reporters are quick to pile on or defend Donald Trump amid the latest “Russia” news, Bob Vander Plaats has a message for President Trump: Focus on results. And for the rest of us: Let’s wait for the truth to come out before “jumping to conclusions.”

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WATCH: “There’s never been a time more urgent than now …”

Earlier this month, a gunman asked whether it was the Republican or Democrat baseball team practicing on the field below him. When he found out those on the field were members of the opposite political party, he opened fire.

It’s clear America must stop the “us vs. them” rhetoric and the demonizing of those with whom we disagree.

Or as Bob Vander Plaats explains in this brief video, “There’s never been a time more urgent than now for principled leadership over politics”:

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