Iowa Capitol Project

What Is the Iowa Capitol Project?

The Iowa Capitol Project lies at the heart of the Church Ambassador Network. Our overall goal is to restore the biblical relationship between Church and state, for throughout Scripture, God’s kings and His Church are revealed in direct, though distinct, relationship.

The Prophet Nathan and King David are excellent examples: Nathan was a friend to David, invested in building a relationship with him, and when David stepped out of line, Nathan restored him. We see this relationship modeled with Elijah and Ahab, Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar, Joseph and Pharaoh, Jonah and the King of Nineveh, and so many more.

Furthermore, though government’s primary purpose is to commend good and punish evil, it cannot determine good and evil on its own. Thus we need pastors engaged as missionaries in the civil arena, because the government needs the Church to serve as its moral compass.

So we have been working with hundreds of pastors across Iowa to develop a ministering relationship with our elected officials. Pastors came to Des Moines – over 700 pastor visits in 2016 and 2017 – to meet with state lawmakers, members of the executive branch, and even the governor and our U.S. senators.

capitol-projectThrough the Iowa Capitol Project, pastors have begun to build relationships with our elected officials through prayer, words of encouragement, and speaking biblical truth to various public policy issues. These meetings are non-partisan, and all conversations are kept in confidence in order to protect the relationship between state officials and pastors. We want them to know these relationships will not be used for political gain.

We hope YOU will be able to join us. This webpage has been created to equip you and will be updated with the 2018 legislative calendar, articles on different issues legislators will face this year, and a prayer list both you and your congregation can be praying.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, and to RSVP if you would like to visit our State Capitol in Des Moines.

In Christ,

Greg Baker
Vice President of Church Engagement,
The FAMiLY LEADER & The Family Leader Foundation
515.263.3495, ext. 105 (office)
515.229.4053 (cell)

2018 Schedule

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How Can I Be Praying for the Iowa Capitol Project?

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