Podcast 2.24.14

Air Date: 2.24.14
‘LEAD’ Podcast 2.24.14

Fifth week results of “Candidate Survivor!”


Bob and Steve discuss:

- Bob is in Nashville promoting his new book, If 7:14.  The response has been incredible!

- Some of the responses to Bob’s decision to not run for U.S. Senate have been mixed.

Untitled- Bob announced that Donald Trump was voted off the island.

- Why would a Donald Trump be good for the process?

- The dangerous actions of the courts and what is Rand Paul doing about it?

- What should the response to the Kentucky Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the 75% vote supporting marriage?  Why have we heard nothing from Rand Paul and other leaders?  Why are they being silent on marriage?

- We will announce to the media what the results are each week, and we will be doing drawings for several copies of the Founders’ Bible for those who participate.

- Reminder: you are voting to ELIMINATE candidates from the list!

1.  Go to Leadorgetoutoftheway.com to vote!

2. Share this fun poll with your friends: send them to http://thefamilyleader.com/leadorgetoutoftheway.com/cast-your-vote/

3. Listen each week for the results


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