VIDEO: Iowa’s pro-life leaders launch viral #ShesABaby initiative

At a press conference at the Iowa Capitol on Feb. 28, the The Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders, or CoPLL – a united group of ten, pro-life organizations active in Iowa – announced a new video, radio, and grassroots initiative called “She’s a Baby.”

But the truth is, “She’s a Baby” is already going viral.

170227 tshirts“She’s a Baby” posters and T-shirts were already widely displayed across the Capitol during the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee hearing on SF 253, the Life at Conception Act, on Monday, Feb. 27. Sen. Jake Chapman even referenced the “She’s a Baby” materials during testimony at the hearing.

Similarly, “She’s a Baby” ads have been heard on WHO-Radio, and the “She’s a Baby” video and Facebook profile photo have been spreading through social media.

Watch the “She’s a Baby” video below:

The “She’s a Baby” initiative specifically encourages Iowa’s lawmakers to pass legislation like Senate File 253, the Life at Conception Act, and encourages Iowans to support their legislators in taking leadership on defending human life.

Iowa’s babies still need YOUR help! Click here to encourage the Iowa Senate to advance SF 253 today!

“To assist in tangible encouragement to all the legislators … we are launching a comprehensive “She’s a Baby” initiative,” explained Bob Vander Plaats of The FAMiLY LEADER, a CoPLL member, at the press conference. “This is to have their back, but it’s also to deliver a message to all of Iowa that that little girl in her mother’s womb, she is a baby. It is to highlight the Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders, our unity, and our resolve to pass this bold, courageous, and right statement for life at conception.”

“Frankly, we’ve heard all the arguments [about abortion],” Vander Plaats continued at the press conference. “But there’s one fact we cannot argue away: That little girl in her mother’s womb, she’s a baby. … With this video and with this initiative, we are really hoping that Iowans will step up to the plate and lead and give life a chance.”

Watch video of Tuesday’s press conference below:

“Iowans have the opportunity right now to finally do something that will protect the lives of our most innocent,” said Jenifer Bowen of Iowa Right to Life, a CoPLL member, prior to the press conference. “With pro-life majorities in the House, Senate, and the governor’s mansion, and SF253, the Life at Conception Act, on the table, it’s time for Iowans to stand united and declare that together, we will defend Iowa’s babies from death by abortion.”

Iowa’s babies still need YOUR help! Click here to tell the Iowa Senate to advance SF 253 today!