Re-dedication ceremony, Photo credit Washington Times

10 Commandments Rededicated

Re-dedication ceremony. Photo credit The Washington Times

Alex Hopkins of The Washington Times did a follow-up story on the vandalism of a 10 Commandments monument outside the US Supreme Court building, facing the door the Justices exit each day.  On Tuesday, the tablet was redidicated at the Faith and Action ministry headquarters, just five weeks after the vandalism.  The vandals have not yet been identified.

The FAMiLY LEADER highlighted the story after the offense in 10 Commandments Thrown Down Again.

Despite the widespread shock at last month’s vandalism, the Rev. Robert Schenck, president and lead missionary for Faith and Action, said that the crime had in fact generated significant interest in the moral principles embodied in the Ten Commandments, and how those principles unify various faiths.

The Rev. Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition, said the re-dedication amounted to a rebuttal to attacks on religion. “An attack on a symbol of faith is an attack on the faith itself. This was a hate crime,” Mr. Mahoney said. “It was incredible to see the response of the community, those who do and do not have faith traditions.

“The Ten Commandments doesn’t divide us, it enjoins us. We are a better society because we don’t lie, steal or murder. We need it, considering the recent divisions in D.C.,” he added.

Read the entire Washington Times story here…


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