2 Solutions for the Unaffordable Care Act

2 Solutions for the Unaffordable Care Act


Chris rby Chris Rheinherren at www.bynw.com

With this horrible piece of legislation coming into full force on Jan 1st, it is long past time to scrap it.  This is not the answer to the health care question in the United States.  This is another large grab by the Government to take our hard earned monies and to further control and influence our lives.  The Founding Fathers would be appalled at our general attitude of apathy on this issue alone.

Health care in the United States needs to be reformed.  The Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. ObamaCare) is not the answer. As the health care exchanges come active, more and more people are experiencing what was said about it. The prices are HIGH and not affordable by many of the poor. And even the notion that the Federal Government demands that every citizen have health insurance is a gross violations of our freedoms.

Those in favor of this Constitutional violation repeat the line about we are mandated to have car insurance. And yes we are, if we own and drive a car. But if we don’t, then we are not mandated to carry car insurance. This was not the intent of the commerce clause, and this abuse can be taken further now that it’s been opened.

Here are two simple things that can be done to change health care in America:

1) Using the Commerce Clause, Congress can pass legislation allowing insurance companies to operate across state lines.  So that message of “not available in all states” becomes a thing of the past. This allows a bigger pool of people to draw upon and thus lowers rates.

2) Medical billing needs to be changed. Right now it is the only thing we purchase without knowing the cost of it in advance. There is no comparison shopping and no price negotiations. Bring medical costs into the free market place. It will drive the cost down or the hospitals and doctors that overcharge will simply go out of business.

Scrap “ObamaCare” and implement these 2 changes and watch health care become affordable to all without exchanges, government mandates, and higher taxes. Then we can go about getting down to real business.


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