Legislative Week In Review #2, Jan 27

Legislative Week In Review #2, Jan 27


Legislative Report #2

This was a shortened week at the Iowa State Capitol as lawmakers were not in session on Monday or Tuesday due to the Martin Luther King holiday and the Iowa Caucuses.

Friday is the final day individual legislators can request bill drafts.  After that date only bills carried over from 2013 and some leadership bill requests will be in order.

Staff at THE FAMiLY LEADER are putting the final touches on the Life, Marriage and Family Rally scheduled for Tuesday January 28th.  As Chuck Hurley has said on many occasions quoting Proverbs 12:24 “The hand of the diligent will rule;” not necessarily the Godly, or the ungodly, but the diligent.  As we look forward to the annual Rally next week, let us be diligent in holding our legislators accountable for the work they do representing us in the Iowa Legislature.  The Rally is a great opportunity to gather with Christians from across Iowa and advocate for laws that protect and promote life, marriage and the family.  Please join us at 10:00 AM at the Iowa Historical Building!


Joel Oster, Senior Counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), will be our guest speaker.  Joel will share keen insights on religious liberty, and help us work to restore our unalienable rights including religious liberty.

Prior to the Rally at 10:00 AM, Joel will meet with legislators at the Capitol.  We are grateful for the time ADF spends helping us assist lawmakers with legislation.  Joel is just one of several attorneys from ADF who help THE FAMiLY LEADER each year at the Capitol.

Hats off to Representative Dwayne Alons for his speech on the floor of the Iowa House of Representatives Wednesday afternoon.  Representative Alons observed the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade with his remarks.  You can watch/listen at the following link:


The remarks by Representative Alons begin at the 4:20 mark.

In Christ,

Chuck Hurley

Danny Carroll

Greg Baker

Tamara Scott


While planning and discussing the 2014 Legislative Session at the Iowa Capitol, TFL’s Family Advocates were asked:

“What does revival look like in the Iowa State legislature?”


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