3 speakers announced for Family Leadership Summit!

3 speakers announced for Family Leadership Summit!


This may be one of the most encouraging and uplifting Family Leadership Summits we’ve ever hosted!

People who attend our Summits consistently tell us how inspiring it is to gather together with like-minded people – to know you’re not alone in your desire to see revival and your hope that our children would inherit an America that honors God and blesses people!

And then when you come, and you join in worship and prayer with these like-minded friends, when you hear speaker after speaker proclaiming truth and pouring encouragement into you … it makes The Family Leadership Summit one of the year’s most can’t-miss events!

Reserve your tickets to join us at the Summit today!

That’s why I’m so excited to announce today the first of our confirmed speakers for the Summit! At a time when we’re seeing groundbreaking wins in the fight for life, historic victories for religious liberty, and a movement of the Church to speak in every sphere of our culture, the Summit is welcoming 3 of the nation’s top leaders in the Church, on life, and on religious liberty:

jack graham 250Dr. Jack Graham served two terms as president of the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant denomination in America, and has served as a member of the president’s evangelical advisory council. Graham is the pastor of the 42,000-member Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, and author of numerous books, including Angels: Who They Are, What They Do and Why It Matters; Man of God; and Unseen.



MJD 250Marjorie Dannenfelser is president of Susan B. Anthony List, a national pro-life organization focused on electing pro-life leaders and advancing life-saving laws and policy. SBA List has helped elect more than 111 pro-life leaders to federal and statewide office. Dannenfelser served as national chair of then-candidate Donald Trump’s Pro-life Coalition during the 2016 election and has been named one Washington Examiner’s top ten “Political Women on the Move” and among Newsweek’s top ten “Leaders of the Christian Right.”



Michael Farris 250Michael Farris is president, CEO, and general counsel of Alliance Defending Freedom, a national, non-profit alliance of attorneys defending life, religious liberty, and marriage – an organization the Washington Post recently dubbed “the Christian legal powerhouse that keeps winning.” ADF made national headlines most recently by winning the landmark Masterpiece Cakeshop case at the U.S. Supreme Court. Farris is also the founder of the Homeschool Legal Defense Association and Patrick Henry College.

And these are just the first of our confirmed speakers, with more to be announced soon!

Join us on Friday, Sept. 14, for the 7th annual Family Leadership Summit!

There’s special, discount pricing when you purchase two or more tickets, so make sure to bring your spouse, tell your friends, and invite your small group!