A Pastor’s Perspective – TFL Breakthrough Challenge

A Pastor’s Perspective – TFL Breakthrough Challenge


“I believe The Family Leader has great programs that really affect the whole state, and come alongside pastors…..hopefully our heart is also to bring salt and light to civil government,” Pastor Bill Tvedt, Jubilee Family Church, Oskaloosa.

Tvedt, Pastor to the The Family Leader Board, weighs in on the Breakthrough $25,000 Matching Challenge as it relates to one of TFL’s six key areas of growth in 2014 – At the Capitol in Des Moines (brush up on the Six Key Areas by going to the year-end newsletter here.)

We have a generous donor who will be greatly blessed that we can do TWICE as much at the Iowa Capitol by matching his $25,000 gift. That means we can DOUBLE our efforts defending religious liberty, defunding abortion providers, abolishing sex trafficking, leading in divorce reform, cracking down on payday loans, and terminating tele-med abortions.

Thank for helping us finish 2014 strong, and intensify in 2015!  Please donate today!

Christmas blessings,


Bob Vander Plaats

President & CEO