ACLU Objects to Creationism Assembly

ACLU Objects to Creationism Assembly


Topeka Capitol-Journal: A civil liberties group says a southwest Kansas school district is planning mandatory student assemblies with a creationist organization next week, something the district called a misunderstanding.

hugotonschoolThe ACLU Foundation of Kansas & Western Missouri wrote Friday to Mark Crawford, superintendent of Hugoton Unified School District 210, asking him to cancel events scheduled for next week with the Oklahoma-based Creation Truth Foundation.

“It’s been clear for at least the last 45 years that teaching creationism or promoting it is a violation of the Constitution,” legal director Doug Bonney told The Topeka Capital-Journal. “When you invite a religious organization that is completely dedicated to the teaching of biblical creationism, that’s a violation of the First Amendment establishment clause.”

But Crawford says the speakers visiting next week will hold nonreligious events during school hours and have rented school space to hold events concerning creationism in the evening.

“I think someone was misinformed,” Crawford said, adding that his district doesn’t promote or teach creationism and that it would be inappropriate to do so. “We teach Kansas state standards for science.”

Crawford said Matt Miles, one of the Creation Truth Foundation’s speakers, was from Hugoton. Community members invited the group to Hugoton for evening events and asked whether Miles also could give presentations during the school day. Crawford said the district agreed but secured a written statement from Miles promising that the content of daytime talks would be “school appropriate.”  … read the full story

The FAMiLY LEADER supports strong education which includes a critical thinking of all theories of origins, including creationism.


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