Being the Change

Being the Change


by David Barnett ~

In a modern parallel to the Good Samaritan, an Iowa woman took action on her faith and used the opportunity that God gave her to be an encouragement and good testimony to a stranger.

“Laura Diers happened to spot the derelict dark brown leather wallet last month along the westbound entrance ramp to U.S. Highway 30 in Ames — partially unfolded in a “V” shape, sitting on its side.”

“She not only mailed the wallet to the address on the driver’s license but composed a thoughtful letter of advice and tucked a $10 bill inside. She even promised that her Bible study group of about a dozen worshippers at Cornerstone Church in Ames would pray for him,” and encouraged him to attend.

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God gives you and I large and small opportunities every day to live out our faith.   How many of those opportunities do we take?  Do we even see them?  Pray that God will open your eyes to see His hand and prick you to move when you see those opportunities.