Bob Vander Plaats Will Not Compromise Message of If 7:14

Bob Vander Plaats Will Not Compromise Message of If 7:14


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Saturday, February 15, 2014


Bob Vander Plaats Will Not Enter the Race for Iowa’s Open U.S. Senate Seat

Focus will be on The FAMiLY LEADER and the If 7:14 initiative


Urbandale, IOWA. – Bob Vander Plaats, President & CEO of The FAMiLY LEADER, officially announced today that he will not be entering the race for Iowa’s open Republican U.S. Senate seat.


In a prepared statement, Vander Plaats remarked, “This has been a very challenging decision. I am very humbled and inspired by the Iowa and national leaders who prayed for and encouraged my candidacy. However, after dedicated time seeking clarity for this decision, I did not arrive at the personal peace needed to mount such a demanding campaign. In many ways, the timing is not right for me, for my family, or for The FAMiLY LEADER. In promising to thoroughly explore a potential candidacy, I was upfront and transparent with all encouragers that I would not run if I believed a U.S. Senate campaign would compromise the message of my new book, If 7:14, published by The FAMiLY LEADER (


Although many external factors, including polls and state and national allies, pointed to a sure candidacy, my heart never could fully embrace this opportunity due to my full commitment to If 7:14. Elections are important and, thus, my careful consideration. However, communicating the message of, and need for, spiritual revival, as penned in If 7:14, is my current passion and calling. The issues we face as a culture and the solutions to these issues are primarily spiritual, not political.  To right the current cultural ship, we must turn our individual and collective hearts back to God and to the full pursuit of His righteousness.


To this end, I plan on encouraging all pro-family and God-honoring candidates in the U.S. Senate race and all other races. May God bless them with passion, principles, and perseverance.”