Bob’s March for Marriage

Bob’s March for Marriage


On Monday, March 26th, Bob participated in the March for Marriage in Washington D.C. He not only took part in the march, but also spoke before the crowd on the Mall. Below is his video as well as the transcript. A link to NOM’s Montage of all the speeches that day, and then a video of Bob recounting his experience when he returned home.

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We are here today because too many “so called” leaders have backed away from the microphone when it was their turn to speak. I am honored to stand with you today to give voice to the institution of marriage.

Let me begin where I will end: God designed it, nature reveals it and science validates it. Marriage is for one man and one woman.

This may be why Billy Graham expressed, “I can’t believe we’re discussing the definition of marriage, it is clear.”

And why the freshly inaugurated Pope, Pope Francis, emphasizes the clarity of marriage and says efforts to redefine it are an effort to “thwart God’s plan.”

It is the norm for politicians to toss from poll to poll as they gauge cultural winds for personal gain. Thus, I urge the SCOTUS to look to the principled leadership of Graham and Pope Francis versus the posturing of politicians.

In Iowa, we witnessed the net effect when a court usurps the will of the people. The people noticed and the people responded…removing justices from the bench.

Besides losing justices from bench, Iowa’s courts continue to have a severe credibility chasm with the people it serves.

Iowans understands that it is the congress that makes the law, the president that executes the law, and it is only the people who get to amend the constitution. Not the courts!

Thus, it is wise for this court to uphold DOMA. Using the same logic of this court as it pertains to the constitutionality of Obama Care…the congress passed it.

And, in America, there is no other option but to uphold the people’s vote in the great state of California.

Usurping the people’s vote and voice will send a collective shiver down America’s freedom spine. This will signal the height of judicial arrogance that places all of our freedoms up for grabs to an unelected court.

Founder Jefferson forewarned us about Oligarchial rule. We should avoid it all costs. This is what our Founder ‘s fled!

On every horizon, our country is in a fragile status. It would be unwise to add to this fragility, a constitutional crisis.

We need to respect our courts. Thus, I urge you to exercise judicial restraint.

One last thing as it pertains to principled leadership.

Iowa goes first in the presidential process. I assure you, on behalf of The FAMiLY LEADER, we will activate sll resources and efforts to launch a candidate who embraces marriage as:

God-established it, as nature reveals it, and as science substantiates it…one man/one woman.

May God Bless America and may we honor Him with principled leadership and policies that blesses Him!

~ Bob Vander Plaats


National Organization for Marriage Montage Video of those who spoke on the Mall

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Bob’s experience at March for Marriage

Bob relates his experience being part of the March for Marriage – including what Bob calls, a very “tense situation!”

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