CA Senate Votes to Revoke Scouts Tax Status

CA Senate Votes to Revoke Scouts Tax Status


Calif. Senate: Scouts didn’t go far enough

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (BP) — Less than a week after the Boy Scouts changed its policy to allow gay-identifying youth, the California Senate passed a law that would revoke the organization’s tax-exempt status if it doesn’t also allow gay leaders.

The bill is aimed at all tax-exempt youth organizations, but it was evident from the get-go — when Democratic state Sen. Ricardo Lara introduced the bill in February — that the Scouts were the primary target. more…

Leadership often requires doing something that is not what is culturally “popular” or perceived as what is most “acceptable.”  In this case, California Senators are following the culture, and are neglecting their responsibility to ensure that the family is strengthened to best serve the next generation.

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