Campaign Academy 2014

Campaign Academy 2014



Presented by The FAMiLY LEADER

February 21 & 22

Become a better candidate for office with our Campaign Academy!

Do values matter in modern-day politics?   More and more political leaders and parties are choosing to sacrifice culture-defining issues such as life, liberty, marriage and the family on the altar of political expediency, mistakenly believing that values no longer matter to voters.


Voters today are yearning for principled candidates committed to standing strong for the timeless values upon which our country was founded, and who will stand strong against the politics-as-usual establishment working to undermine those values.  Instructed by Congressman Bill Redmond of CitizenLink – A Focus on the Family affiliate, the Campaign Academy shows candidates, campaign staff, and grassroots activists how to run winning campaigns without compromising their values and governing with a Biblical worldview.

  •     Meaning – Why Christians should be involved in government at all levels.
  •     Mechanics – How to campaign smartly and effectively.
  •     Message – How to shape and communicate the message you believe.
  •     Money – How to raise all the money you need to win, even if  you’ve never raised money before



For more information, download the complete brochure and mail-in registration form, or register online.





11:30am : Registration

Noon : Seminar begins
6:00pm : Day one ends


8:00am : Day two begins
2:00pm : Seminar ends


Fellowship Baptist Church
1503 Southeast 6th St.
Des Moines, IA 50315

Cost: $75