Can Christians be involved in politics?

On his recent trip to Europe, Bob Vander Plaats was interviewed by England’s Premier Christian Radio. One of the key questions: Can Christians be involved in the murky world of politics?

The interview was part of a rare opportunity, unexpectedly provided by God, for Bob to talk with key people in London about Christian leadership in government and international faith leaders at The Vatican in Rome about If 7:14 and the urgent call to prayer for revival.

It is absolutely thrilling to see God’s hand at work, sowing the seeds of revival around the world!

Watch a brief excerpt of the Premier Christian Radio interview below:

To listen to the entire, hour-long interview, click on the link below. The interview begins at roughly the 6:45 mark of the recording:

Full interview on Premier Christian Radio

God is igniting Christians to be a blazing light in the world today! If you’d like to encourage and be a part of this growing movement, here’s what you can do: