Can “Whacko-birds” Be Leaders?

Can “Whacko-birds” Be Leaders?


Yesterday, June 10, was the second weekly radio segment with TFL President Bob Vander Plaats and radio host Steve Deace.  This weekly appearance will focus on the urgency for leadership in our homes, in our churches, in our schools, and in our government.

Listen to the second segment here:


Topics discussed between Bob and Steve:

– Can “whacko-birds” be leaders?  How do you tell the difference between grandstanding and real leadership?

– Is conformity to the system ever a good idea?  Should you always be on the “lunatic fringe?”

– What is the “open hand/closed hand” theory of leadership?

– At what point does a leader become institutionalized?

– How is leadership like beauty?  Where does leadership start?

The segment will air live at 10 p.m. Eastern/ 9 p.m. Central each Monday evening and also will be available by podcast at




“People intuitively know something is wrong in our culture. We are experiencing decline and threats on all fronts,” said Vander Plaats. “What we need today is leadership!  This is why The FAMiLY LEADER is thrilled to accept this opportunity to discuss this need, and to provide practical avenues for making a difference on a national platform.”

The Steve Deace Show is currently featured on 65 national affiliates including six (New York City, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Atlanta, Boston, and Houston) of the top 10 national markets. It can be found on stations all across the nation, find your local station at or subscribe to his podcasts on iTunes or

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