Capitol Connection, Ep. 8: What’s really happening on Heartbeat


Iowa’s life-saving “Heartbeat” legislation – which would ban abortions after an unborn baby’s heartbeat can be detected – celebrated a HUGE victory in the State Senate last week. But its future in the Iowa House remains much more uncertain.

In this week’s Capitol Connection, Bob Vander Plaats, Greg Baker, and Danny Carroll give you the inside scoop on where “Heartbeat” stands:

“I don’t know that we have ever seen a day like last week,” exclaims Danny, referring to the Iowa Senate’s groundbreaking passage of the Heartbeat bill.

But, as Bob explains, last week’s victory is only “the first quarter” of a larger contest. Right now, the next big hurdle is encouraging a majority of State representatives to support Heartbeat legislation.

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Why is this common sense legislation, supported by nearly 7 in 10 of all Americans, so difficult to get passed?

As Greg explains, the Heartbeat bill is “not just another controversial issue,” but a matter of intense, spiritual wrestling. Greg points out the Evil One seeks to rob us of life, and not just from the unborn babies, but also from mothers and from the culture at large.

For that reason, Danny says, it’s a real “game changer” to see the pastors Greg brings up to the Capitol nearly every day. To see pastors in prayer and genuinely ministering to government officials gives Danny great hope that hearts and lives will be changed.

Danny also explains that Heartbeat faces two, upcoming deadlines and a stiff challenge in the court system.

But as Bob told his boys when they were growing up, “You’ll never be right if you do wrong … but you’ll never be wrong if you do right.” And defending the lives of babies in the womb is right.

Finally, Danny is urging YOU to get involved: “The most powerful thing a person can do is contact your legislator. … A personal touch is still the most powerful way we can affect government today.”

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