Hard facts about Iowa’s Planned Parenthood funding

Iowa’s governor has proposed to remove state funding of Planned Parenthood from the budget, but there’s a lot more to the story when it comes to taxpayer support of the abortion provider.

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland operates 13 locations in Iowa and receives tax dollars from several sources, not all of which will be cut off by promises to leave the abortion provider out of the budget.

In fact, even if Planned Parenthood is struck from the state budget, over $4 million will still be flowing to Planned Parenthood annually unless Iowa’s elected officials act.

Click here to contact your legislator and tell him or her to cancel all Planned Parenthood contracts now!

Gov. Terry Branstad and most lawmakers will readily say that Planned Parenthood does NOT spend taxpayer money on abortion. Yet while this is true technically, it obscures the fact that most, if not all, funds are flexible in their use. A Planned Parenthood office may legally be allowed to use tax money to pay the rent and utilities on a clinic, while performing or referring abortions at the same location.

The FAMiLY LEADER believes that regardless of the various schemes used to extract money from the government, public funds should not be used in any fashion to aid and abet abortion providers.

Moreover, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland is currently under investigation for fraud and abuse as a Medicaid provider. With lawmakers desperate to find new money to support Medicaid for elderly and disabled citizens, it does not make sense to keep sending scarce Medicaid funds to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.

Finally, as the chart below details, several of Planned Parenthood’s funding sources may be federal tax money, but Iowa must enter into contracts in order to participate in the federal program.

Several of those contracts are due to terminate sometime this year. The governor and/or legislature would be well advised to NOT renew those contracts for the reasons outlined above. Or at the least, redirect those dollars to some of the over 213 federally qualified healthcare centers in Iowa that provide comprehensive healthcare services, but do not provide and advocate for abortion.


Now is the time to take action.

Please contact your legislator and ask them to stop ALL funding to abortion providers (like Planned Parenthood) and mandate that the Iowa Department of Public Health refuse to renew any of the contracts that expire this year.

Click here to contact your legislator now!

We ask your prayers, on a national scale

160222scaliaAmerica lost a champion defender of our religious liberty – indeed all our liberties – with the passing of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia recently.

And as we’ve seen all too often recently, those liberties hang by a thread in a sharply divided Supreme Court. The absence of Justice Scalia’s wisdom and restraint will be sorely missed.

Now, a great responsibility in the process of Scalia’s replacement falls upon a fellow Iowan, Sen. Chuck Grassley. As chairman of the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Grassley will be leading the hearings on confirming or rejecting candidates the president will nominate to fill Scalia’s shoes.

160222grassleyWill you pray with us for Sen. Grassley?

Pray that he will have both wisdom and courage to choose what is best for the nation over what may be most expedient politically. Pray that he will be given words to speak bold convictions and to reveal the hearts of the nominees. And pray that he will be encouraged when under fire for standing on those convictions.

And would you also pray for our current and next president?

It falls upon the president to nominate the justices of the Supreme Court. These justices, in turn, have historically instigated seismic shifts in the American culture. Pray our president be given insight into the character and convictions of potential nominees. Pray that the president will choose those nominees who will, through their decisions, both honor God and bless the people of our nation.

America is truly at a crossroads. Will you pray?

Join thousands of Christians getting quick and easy reminders to pray for our nation twice daily! Check out the free iPhone app at www.if714.org today!

Nearly 40 Evangelical groups ask, ‘Who is the REAL Donald Trump?’

160217donaldtrumpDonald Trump remains one of the biggest stories of the year.

He also remains a bit of an enigma – a man whose pro-life, pro-family promises don’t seem to match up with his record or his behavior. And despite multiple invitations by our partners at CitizenLink to clarify the seeming contradictions, Mr. Trump has refused to resolve the very questions Americans need to have answered before they can vote for him in good conscience.

Therefore, The FAMiLY LEADER has joined with CitizenLink, a national alliance of nearly 40 state-based family policy councils representing millions of Evangelicals nationwide, in releasing an open letter to presidential candidate Donald Trump calling on him to answer direct questions on his policy positions.

Click here to read the full text of the open letter.

CitizenLink has invited all the leading conservative candidates to participate in its Presidential Candidate Teleconferences. So far, Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz and former Gov. Jeb Bush have participated on the calls, as well as former Sen. Rick Santorum and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, prior to suspending their campaigns. Dr. Ben Carson is scheduled for later this month.

But Donald Trump has thus far refused.

“Time is ticking, and we want Mr. Trump to clear up his contradictory record on issues Americans care about,” said Paul Weber, president & CEO of CitizenLink. “We have invited Mr. Trump several times to join our Presidential Candidate Teleconference Series. He has yet to accept, and our constituents are left wondering.”

Bob Vander Plaats, president and CEO of The FAMiLY LEADER, explained, “We have signed on to this open letter to urge Mr. Trump to clarify these lingering questions many Americans need to have answered before they can vote for him in good conscience.”

Some of the questions Americans are demanding Trump answer include:

1. After years of describing yourself as “pro-choice in every respect”—even supporting partial-birth abortion – you now say that you are pro-life. Your explanation for this change of position – that a baby who was nearly aborted ended up being a “superstar” – is confusing, particularly since you acknowledged that if the child had been “a loser,” your pro-abortion position probably wouldn’t have changed. Please explain this utilitarian view of the sanctity of human life. Do you consider life only worth protecting if it meets certain criteria, and, if so, what are those criteria?

2. How do you square your new position on life with your statements in 2015 supporting continued taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion seller?

3. The next president is expected to nominate two to four U.S. Supreme Court justices. You’ve recommended your sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, for the High Court. Yet, as a federal judge, she overturned the New Jersey Partial-Birth Abortion Ban, writing that it “burdened a woman’s constitutional right to obtain an abortion.” How can we trust you to nominate judges who will respect the constitutional limits on judicial power and uphold the sanctity of human life?

4. You claim to support religious freedom, yet a leading gay-activist organization calls you “one of the best, if not the best, pro-gay Republican candidates to ever run for the presidency” – particularly because of your “standout position” when it comes to legislation that forces Christian business owners – and others of faith – to either betray their conscience or lose their business. How do you reconcile these contradictory positions?

5. You have built your campaign on lifting the economic outlook of lower-income Americans, yet you built your fortune in part on gambling, which preys on those very people. How will you make America great when you’ve run businesses associated with increased crime, bankruptcies, broken marriages and suicides?

To see the rest of the questions, Click here to read the full text of the open letter.

The FAMiLY LEADER has not endorsed any candidate in this election cycle, yet as a partner within a national alliance that represents pro-family Americans, we have a responsibility to ask Mr. Trump about his policy positions and his view on the role of the president. We must ensure that pro-family voters are able to hear from Mr. Trump on these issues and make an informed decision when they cast their ballots.

Our hope is that this open letter will bring the clarity on these issues the American voters deserve when choosing the next president.

When Christians get involved … America wins

160201churchcaucusHow the church in Iowa answered the call in the 2016 Iowa Caucus: 50,000 more evangelical voters!

Forget for just a moment who won the Iowa Caucuses. Our hope never has been in one politician’s victory or failure.

In a country where we have been truly blessed with the gift of self-government, the direction of our nation is more determined by the voice of the people than the voice of a candidate.

But for too many years in America, the voice of the church has been muted.

Poll after poll has shown America’s Christians no more likely to be involved in government than the culture at large. Even in Iowa, where Christians play an unusually large role in the caucus system, hundreds of thousands of believers – more than the total number of people who participate – have typically stayed home on Caucus Night.

Is that really how God would have Christians steward this gift of self-government? Is it any wonder, then, that our government and culture have drifted from their moral compass, have sprinted from the heart of God?

But all of that is changing!

At The FAMiLY LEADER, we yearn for a revived America that honors God and blesses people. That means inspiring believers toward Christ-like leadership in their homes, churches, and government.

So we were enthusiastic to launch the “Caucus 2016 … It Is Time” initiative to encourage Christians to take up the mantle of leadership, answer the call of stewardship, and let their voice be heard in the 2016 Caucus.

Through the “Caucus 2016 … It Is Time” initiative:

  • 1,400 Iowa churches were contacted about encouraging their people to caucus
  • Our Church Ambassador Team spoke directly to 800 Iowa pastors about getting involved
  • Tens of thousands of Iowans encountered online, radio, and print ads encouraging them to caucus. Many heard our ad on WHO’s “Van and Bonnie” program or through the Pandora online music site.
  • Over 1.8 million people were reached through Facebook posts encouraging Christians to caucus

In addition, churches were provided a variety of materials to help congregants understand both how to caucus and why caucusing is so important.

“Bulletin inserts, a PowerPoint slide, videos, directions on where to caucus,” summarized Pastor Philip Herman of Fellowship Community Church in Norwalk. “All those things were really helpful, just exactly the tools we needed to do the proper education of our people.”

And THIS is how the Body of Christ in Iowa responded:

  • 850-950 Iowa churches participated in the “Caucus 2016 … It Is Time” project
  • An estimated 130,000 Iowans learned about the caucus either from the pulpit or during worship services
  • Over 60,000 people visited the “Caucus 2016 … It Is Time” webpage to learn how to caucus and why caucusing is so important!
  • Iowa Republicans shattered their previous record of 121,500 for caucus turnout, with 186,874 caucusgoers, while the Democrats estimate similar numbers.
  • And according to the Washington Post, 64% of those 186,874 caucusgoers were evangelical voters. When you compare that against 57% of 2012’s 121,500 Republican caucusgoers who claimed to be evangelical, it means in 2016, there were 50,000 more evangelicals participating in the caucus than in 2012. And that’s just the Republicans! The numbers for evangelicals participating in the Democrat caucus are not as readily available yet.

Some of the overflow, record caucus crowd in Perry, Iowa
Some of the overflow, record caucus crowd in Perry, Iowa

THANK YOU, Iowans, for responding to the call and making your voice heard in the arena of God’s third social institution, the government!

May this be just the first step toward the goal of a revived America that honors God and blesses people.

For more on how YOU can encourage the flames of revival in America, click here to visit the If 7:14 webpage today. And in case you haven’t heard, the exciting, new If 7:14 app for iPhone is available now!

Merry Christmas (and holiday bloopers!) from The FAMiLY LEADER

In his Christmas greeting, Bob talked about how much his family laughs over the holidays.

But it’s the staff at The FAMiLY LEADER who bring out the laughs by including the blooper reel at the end of this otherwise heartwarming holiday greeting from Bob and Darla!

Watch below:

Discover how YOU are bringing smiles to fellow Iowans by clicking here to read more about Cathy’s story!

Endorsement: The FAMiLY LEADER chooses to remain a standard bearer

The FAMiLY LEADER organization will not be issuing an endorsement of a candidate prior to the Iowa Caucus.

The ministry of The FAMiLY LEADER has grown in recent years to encompass far more than elections and candidates. Especially with the growing, global impact of the If 7:14 call to prayer for revival, our focus is on transforming culture, strengthening families, and inspiring Christ-like leadership. Our work with pastors and churches has grown as well, and it’s critical that none of our ministry efforts be seen as being co-opted by a partisan agenda.

For these reasons and others, our board unanimously decided The FAMiLY LEADER needs to remain a standard bearer for Christian principles in our culture and government, and not endeavor to be a kingmaker in the election process.

And especially in a year when so many good candidates are championing Christian values in the civic arena, The FAMiLY LEADER wants to assure all our friends and ministry supporters that no money given to the ministry of The FAMiLY LEADER will be used to favor one good candidate to the detriment of other good candidates.

Nonetheless, the process of coming to this decision was not easy, especially in the wake of the disappointing 2012 election.

In both the 2008 and 2012 elections, Christians and constitutional conservatives divided their support among various candidates. Recent history has shown that with Christian conservatives divided, the nation’s political parties nominate candidates who do not champion our values or issues.

It is therefore our hope and fervent prayer that 2016 will be different, and Christians will avoid dividing into factions that fight against, instead of alongside, one another. The FAMiLY LEADER board and staff has been in earnest prayer and fasting, over many months and meetings, asking God to intervene as He did in guiding Samuel to choose David in 1 Samuel 16. Our hope is that now, as then, though many candidates exhibit admirable qualities, God would say, “Neither has the LORD chosen this one,” and raise up instead a single standard bearer around whom Christian voters can unite.

To that end, the board has also unanimously encouraged its leaders – including President and CEO Bob Vander Plaats, Vice President Chuck Hurley, and Board Chair Robert Cramer – to apply their personal influence to encourage Christian voters toward uniting behind a single candidate. The board fully supports their decision to make personal endorsements, while recognizing it is more important for the organization at this time to be a standard bearer and steward its resources to honor the intent of those donors who might disagree with a particular choice for endorsement.

VIDEO: Watch the 2015 Presidential Family Forum here!

Catch anything you missed. Relive the moments …

The 2015 Presidential Family Forum on Friday, Nov. 20, was a resounding success! Over 1,100 people and 100 members of national and international media were on hand to listen to seven presidential hopefuls share not just their plans and ideas, but their hearts and worldviews.

Over 1,100 people braved the snow to pack the Convention Center
Over 1,100 people braved the snow to pack the Convention Center

Click below to relive some of the most revealing and insightful moments of the entire election season!

Dr. Ben Carson, Sen. Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, former Gov. Mike Huckabee, Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Marco Rubio, and former Sen. Rick Santorum all sat down around our table and shared their hearts with us.

Carly smallFocus group maestro Frank Luntz moderated the discussion, bringing questions unlike anything you’ll ever see on a mainstream media debate, many of which came from Iowans and Americans just like you.

For example, Frank asked Carly Fiorina if she should share with him in his own grief any lessons of faith she learned from the death of her daughter. It was one of the most touching moments of the evening.

But not the only one.

HuckabeesmallRick Santorum spoke about wrestling with a bitterness of spirit when doctors told him his son would die, Mike Huckabee detailed the struggle to sign off on the execution of convicts when he was a governor, and more.

The Presidential Family Forum, an event like no other, was held at the Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center in Des Moines, Iowa.

Your donations bring events like the Presidential Family Forum to Iowa. Would you give today to keep ’em coming? Click here now!

The Forum also marked the global launch of If 7:14, an international prayer initiative calling on God’s people to prayer and repentance, seeking God for both personal and national healing.

With the help of musical superstars the Newsboys and an exciting new app that will engage and unites believer around the world, If 7:14 is igniting a global rhythm of united prayer!

Click here now to learn more about If 7:14!

Get the facts: What you need to know about defunding Planned Parenthood

Why “defund” Planned Parenthood? Can we even do that? What do I say when I call the governor?

There’s a lot of misinformation in the press and half-baked excuses coming from your elected officials, confusing the whole issue. But let’s boil it down to the basics. Here’s what you need to know:

Why defund Planned Parenthood?

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, has been caught:

Taxpayers should not be compelled by law to financially support an organization whose practices they find morally repugnant.

What does it mean to “defund” it?

In Iowa, two more things need be done to make sure none of your money supports Planned Parenthood:

  1. Cancel all contracts the state of Iowa has with Planned Parenthood
  2. Terminate Planned Parenthood as an approved Medicaid provider

Taxpayers like you should not be giving millions annually in Medicaid dollars to an organization under investigation for Medicaid fraud.

Can the Gov. Branstad even do that?

Simple answer: Yes.

Iowa’s Democrat attorney general would like to convince Branstad otherwise, but other governors (like Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal) have defunded Planned Parenthood, and other legislators, including Iowa’s U.S. Rep. David Young and Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, are calling on Branstad to do it. The U.S. House has already passed legislation specifically allowing for it.

Branstad has also been provided with extensive legal documentation, including precedents in federal court, demonstrating he can.

More importantly, the open investigation of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland’s for Medicaid fraud gives Branstad all the legal cause he needs.

How would that impact women’s health care?

There are only 13 Planned Parenthood clinics in Iowa, many in urban areas.

There are 213 other women’s health medical centers spread across Iowa that don’t commit the crimes Planned Parenthood is accused of, don’t conduct abortions, and even offer additional services Planned Parenthood doesn’t … like mammograms.

Redirecting funds and patients to those clinics will ensure Iowa women continue to receive quality health care.


How can I urge the governor to do what’s right and defund Planned Parenthood? What do I say?

There are several ways:

1. Use our easy email form by clicking here. The words are all provided for you, and you can edit or customize them as you like.

2. Call the governor’s office at 515-281-5211. You may get an operator who wants to tell you all about Branstad’s record or repeat some of his talking points. Don’t worry about trying to argue. No need to be rude. Simply say something like, “Planned Parenthood is under Medicaid fraud investigation in Iowa. I want the governor to terminate Planned Parenthood as an approved Medicaid provider. I don’t want to hear excuses, and I don’t want another penny of my money funding Planned Parenthood. He can do it, and I’m calling to demand he does.”

3. Go to Facebook and “share” this post telling Branstad to “Keep Your Promise” and defund Planned Parenthood.

4. Use the hashtags #KeepYourPromise and #DefundPP on Twitter. Consider tweeting out this message: @TerryBranstad I’m a voter and I want you to #KeepYourPromise #DefundPP https://thefamilyleader.com/keep-your-promise-governor/

Let’s encourage Gov. Branstad to do the right thing and defund Planned Parenthood today!

Bobby Jindal explains to Branstad how it’s DONE

150928jindalbranstad2Gov. Bobby Jindal made news on Aug.3, not for his presidential bid, but for defunding Planned Parenthood in Louisiana.

Now Jindal has written a letter to Gov. Terry Branstad, who has resolutely refused to take the same steps in Iowa, explaining just how a governor can legally cut off taxpayer dollars flowing to Planned Parenthood.

Click here to tell Branstad it’s time he keeps his promise and defunds Planned Parenthood!

150928jindalbranstad“Videos have been released which show in detail Planned Parenthood’s abhorrent practices and disregard for human life,” the letter states. “After viewing the first of these videos in July, I directed the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) to investigate.”

After detailing additional steps, Jindal’s letter goes on to say, “Finally, at my direction, DHH notified Planned Parenthood of Gulf Coast of the termination of their Medicaid contract with the state of Louisiana, for cause.”

(This is exactly what The FAMiLY LEADER and many Iowans like you are demanding Gov. Branstad do.)

“I encourage you to watch these videos and to take similar action in your state as well,” Jindal tells Branstad. “If you have any questions about the specific actions our state has taken to protect life, please do not hesitate to call me.”

Read the letter for yourself by clicking here.

The letter comes even as Branstad is facing pressure from Iowan voters after a hard-hitting video reminds the governor he promised five years ago to defund Planned Parenthood, whether the money “goes to pay for abortions” or not.

The web-based video, however, is only the beginning:

  • Hundreds of Iowans are already emailing the governor, telling him to “Keep Your Promise” and defund Planned Parenthood.
  • The video has been reported by WHO-TV News and multiple local radio hosts.
  • Very shortly, radio ads reminding Branstad to “Keep Your Promise” will be featured on some of Iowa’s most-listened-to live broadcasts

And with your help, the “Keep Your Promise” ad may also appear on Iowa’s television networks. Click here now to help fund this critical step in putting the pressure on Branstad to defund Planned Parenthood in Iowa.

Keep your promise, Governor!

Five years ago, Terry Branstad promised he would defund Planned Parenthood. It’s time he keep that promise.

Let’s encourage Gov. Branstad to do the right thing and defund Planned Parenthood today!

What can you do? It’s simple:

1. Contact the governor. Our quick, online form makes it easy for you to send an email with wording sure to get his attention. Click here now!   Or call the governor at 515-281-5211.

2. Turn up the heat! Your support of the “Keep Your Promise” campaign will spread the message through more and more channels, and with generous support, may enable us to put this ad on television. Click here to help make it happen!

(Did you get a form-letter response from the Governor’s Office? Or hear him try to explain why he’s already doing all he can?Click here to see through his smokescreen!)

Branstad pledged during a 2010 gubernatorial debate on Iowa Public Television to make Planned Parenthood one of the first programs he would defund upon being elected. And yet millions in taxpayer dollars are still flowing to Planned Parenthood through state contracts.

150924noexcusesBranstad has been provided with legal evidence that he has cause to terminate those contracts, particularly as Planned Parenthood of the Heartland is already under Medicaid fraud investigation.

“There are no excuses left for Branstad’s inaction,” says Bob Vander Plaats, president and CEO of The FAMiLY LEADER Foundation. “His own party insists he act. Iowans are lighting up his phone lines demanding he act. Conscience requires he act. It’s time for Branstad to make good on his promise and defund Planned Parenthood.

“Furthermore, Iowa has over 200 women’s health clinics not affiliated with Planned Parenthood and which offer more comprehensive health care – such as mammograms and well-child services – that Planned Parenthood does not provide,” Vander Plaats adds. “Imagine what those millions in Medicaid and taxpayer dollars could do if they were used in those 200 clinics across the state instead of concentrated in only 13 Iowa communities where Planned Parenthood clinics are located.”


What more does Branstad need?

  • Even after shocking videos have revealed the abortion industry leader deceiving women and altering the abortion procedure to better dismember babies for their more profitable parts …
  • Even after Planned Parenthood’s Iowa chapter has been placed under investigation for an alleged $28 million dollars in Medicaid fraud …
  • Even after his own party called on him to defund Planned Parenthood “as soon as possible using all means and methods at their disposal” …
  • Even after lawyers have shown him he has legal cause to terminate the contracts …
  • Even after over 200 other clinics in Iowa have been identified as viable alternative options for women’s health and taxpayer funding …

… Governor Branstad still hasn’t acted to defund Planned Parenthood!

Isn’t it time the governor keep his promise?

>> Click here to tell the governor to keep his promise.

>> Click here to support the “Keep Your Promise” campaign.

More on the effort to defund Planned Parenthood:

Paid for by The FAMiLY LEADER Foundation through donations from people like you.

Refuting the governor’s talking points

Many of you have contacted Governor Branstad’s office urging he keep his promise to defund Planned Parenthood.

UPDATE: Perhaps you’ve heard Branstad’s most recent excuse that he doesn’t have a good enough legal “reason” or “cause” to defund Planned Parenthood.

Here’s our response to that claim:

As if the 10 videos from the Center for Medical Progress exposing Planned Parenthood’s deception of patients and trafficking in human body parts aren’t enough cause, a recent letter from Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad – coupled with a pending case investigating Planned Parenthood of the Heartland for Medicaid fraud – only reinforces the argument that Branstad has more than sufficient cause to defund Planned Parenthood in Iowa.

“At my direction, [the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals] notified Planned Parenthood of Gulf Coast of the termination of their Medicaid contract with the state of Louisiana, for cause,” states Jindal’s letter to Branstad, dated Sept. 23, 2015. “I encourage you to … take similar action in your state as well.”

The full text of the letter can be found by clicking here.

“Yes, Governor, you can defund Planned Parenthood in Iowa,” says Bob Vander Plaats, president and CEO of The FAMiLY LEADER Foundation.

“Branstad claims he has no legal ’cause’ for cutting off Planned Parenthood’s funding. That’s simply not true,” continues Vander Plaats. “He has been given an extensive legal briefing demonstrating ample cause. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland is currently under investigation for allegedly committing $28 million in Medicaid fraud right here in Iowa. How is an open, pending case investigating Planned Parenthood for scamming state and federal taxpayers not sufficient legal ground to suspend their contracts and Medicaid provider eligibility?

In fact, the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit of the Iowa Department of Inspections & Appeals has confirmed the investigative case against Planned Parenthood of the Heartland is still open and pending.

“According to the Guzman v. Shewry [2008, U.S. Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit] case,” adds attorney Chuck Hurley, chief counsel for The FAMiLY LEADER Foundation, “Gov. Branstad now has full legal authority to immediately terminate Planned Parenthood of the Heartland as a Medicaid provider in Iowa.”

*     *     *     *     *

Many of you have also likely received a form letter in return that begins, “Thank you for contacting the Governor’s office and expressing your concerns …” or heard his office make public statements based on the same letter’s messaging.

Here’s what you need to know about that letter:

This form letter the governor’s office has been sending out for weeks is little more than a smokescreen, as it doesn’t even begin to answer the question of whether Branstad will or won’t stop the millions of taxpayer dollars that funnel into Planned Parenthood in Iowa each year.

Let’s examine each of the letter’s primary rebuttals to your demand he defund Planned Parenthood.

1. “Defunding Planned Parenthood cannot happen with a line item veto”

Yes, that’s correct, Governor. But that’s not what we asked. We demand state contracts with Planned Parenthood be canceled for cause and Planned Parenthood’s eligibility as a Medicaid provider be terminated. You don’t need a veto to do that.

2. “Governor Branstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds have ensured that Planned Parenthood is never reimbursed for an abortion.”

No, Planned Parenthood simply takes in millions of taxpayer dollars each year to pay for everything else, so they can use the funds that would otherwise pay for overhead on abortions instead. We pay the light bill, so they have more money to pay for their abortion activities. Your assurance, Governor, means nothing.

3. “… and … have asked the Iowa Department of Public Health to thoroughly review the funding the legislature appropriated for the Family Planning Block Grant to ensure it does not and will not ever fund abortions …”

See point No. 2 above. And the delay tactic here is not commendable.

While you dally with your “review” of this or the other, Medicaid dollars are still pumping life into Planned Parenthood.

You have the backing of the people, Governor. You have the backing of your party. And Planned Parenthood of the Heartland is already under investigation for Medicaid fraud in Iowa. So you have what you need to cancel the contracts and terminate Planned Parenthood as a Medicaid provider in Iowa.

Please, Governor: Don’t brush us off with meaningless assurances. Keep your Promise. Defund Planned Parenthood now.

Thank you for contacting Governor Branstad and making your voice heard! Are your ready now to really turn up the heat? Your support of the “Keep Your Promise” campaign will spread the message through more and more channels until Planned Parenthood is defunded in Iowa. Click here to help make it happen!

GOP: Party of character or cowards?

At the CNN Republican debate on Sept. 16, candidate Carly Fiorina looked directly into the camera and dared anyone to watch the videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s barbaric practice of butchering babies to sell their body parts for profit.

She demanded Republicans act now to stop the public funding of Planned Parenthood and force President Obama to either sign on or veto.

“I dare Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to watch these tapes! Watch a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking,” Fiorina said. “This is about the character of our nation, and if we will not stand up and force President Obama to veto this bill, shame on us!”

See Fiorina’s comments in context for yourself below:

At The FAMiLY LEADER, we couldn’t agree more.

This is about character – of the GOP, of pro-life leaders, of our president, and of the country.

Tell Iowa Governor Terry Branstad to take a stand of character and defund Planned Parenthood now!

Character means having a spine and taking courageous leadership. There’s no way we at The FAMiLY LEADER can back Republican politics as usual while America continues this dark, deceptive path of funding Planned Parenthood. One-third of the budget of the nation’s largest abortion mill comes from taxpayers, to the tune of over $500 million a year, while its clinics deceive their patients and dismember and sell baby body parts on the side. It’s time to shut it down. Now.

There are some, including National Right to Life President Carol Tobias, who say attaching a defund Planned Parenthood measure to the federal spending bill isn’t warranted. They don’t want a fight over “shutting down the government.” They want to wait until a Republican takes over the White House … in January 2017 (at the earliest).

The notion that Republicans can wait to act until a new president takes office in 2017 is nonsense. It’s cover for the cowardly.

Attaching a defund measure to the budget is exactly what Republicans should be doing. It’s time to find out the character of our president: Is he willing to shut down the government to protect Planned Parenthood’s admitted practices of lying to expectant mothers and chopping up baby parts for profit? If Obama is willing to shut down the government to continue funding these horrors, that tells Americans all we need to know about how to vote in 2016.

Planned Parenthood has been exposed now. The American people are outraged now. Pushing it off until the iron cools, continuing to spend $500 million a year of taxpayer money on funding baby butchers, and simply avoiding a fight over Obama’s anticipated “shutting down the government” to try to eke out a win in the next election isn’t character – it’s cowardice.

The FAMiLY LEADER agrees with Bobby Jindal’s indictment at last night’s CNN Debate of Republicans who won’t act: “If we can’t defund Planned Parenthood now, if we can’t stand for innocent human life after these barbaric videos, it is time to be done with the Republican Party.”

Watch Bobby Jindal call for “Republicans with a backbone”:

Help us keep the pressure on our leaders to defund Planned Parenthood by making a donation to The FAMiLY LEADER today!