TFL’s Capitol Connection: Holy Week to end of session

TFL’s Drew Zahn, Chuck Hurley, and Danny Carroll report from the Iowa Capitol on the big bills to watch before the end of session and on Monday’s Holy Week Service at the Capitol, which filled the Capitol Rotunda with songs of praise and proclamation of the gospel!

Watch video of the 2019 Holy Week Service at the Iowa Capitol by clicking here.

Relive the 2019 Holy Week Service at Iowa Capitol

The 2019 Holy Week Service at the Iowa Capitol was held Monday, April 15. The annual service allows the community to bless elected officials and Capitol staff by providing a time of worship and reflection on God’s Word at the beginning of the week that leads up to Resurrection Sunday.

The theme of this year’s service was “Second Chances,” which mirrors the theme for this legislative session established by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds. Cal Swan, the superintendent of the Central District of the Evangelical Free Church, delivered a message that focused on the “second chance” of redemption offered by Jesus Christ in his death and resurrection.

Following the service, attendees were invited to join the governor in her office, as she signed a “Second Chances” Proclamation, which has similarly been signed by governors in more than a dozen states.

While no video can capture the powerful experience of praise and song echoing through the Iowa Capitol Rotunda, you may watch a video of the service below.

Below the following video are time codes, which you can click upon to skip to designated parts of the service itself:

0:00 – Opening worship
10:37 – Greg Baker ~ Welcome
15:50 – Isaiah 53:1-6 ~ Read by Joshua Christian Academy students
17:41 – Cal Swan ~ Message
44:25 – Closing Worship
49:40 – Greg Baker ~ Closing remarks

TFL’s Capitol Connection: Bills that survived, died in ‘2nd funnel’

TFL’s Drew Zahn sits down with Capitol Team members Chuck Hurley and Danny Carroll to talk about three priority bills that are still eligible for debate this session after the “2nd Funnel” deadline and three bills that will have to wait until 2020:

Below is breakdown of the bills TFL has been tracking and their current status in the Iowa legislature:

Bills TFL supports and are still alive:

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 2.53.56 PM

Bills TFL supported, but are dead:

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 2.55.39 PM

Bills TFL Oppose/Undecided, and are still alive:

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 2.57.55 PM

National report: TFL changing the ‘spiritual temperature’

On a wintry, snow-covered Wednesday in February, a film crew from Christian Broadcasting Network, or CBN, flew from Washington, D.C., to Des Moines to cover a story in the Heartland that has national implications.

The work of The FAMiLY LEADER’s Church Ambassador Network had piqued CBN’s interest. And when the network heard Iowa’s successful model of building intentional relationships between pastors and legislators was now spreading to other states … CBN booked a flight to Des Moines to learn just how TFL is changing the way the Church interacts with government in America:

Watch CBN’s coverage of TFL’s Church Ambassador Network below:

Through ministries like the Church Ambassador Network and the If 7:14 prayer initiative, The FAMiLY LEADER is pioneering a strategy of inspiring the Church to engage government for the advance of God’s (not man’s) kingdom. Rather than a politics-first approach, TFL’s model focuses first on cultural transformation, anchoring our ministry in prayer and leading with the gospel.

TFL recognizes that a Church that is biblically and authentically engaged with government will not only transform individual lives and relationships, but also impact elections, influence policy, and lead the way toward a revived America that honors God and blesses people.

And now, though “The Daniel Initiative,” TFL is exporting this model of authentic Church engagement to other states. By partnering with sister state organizations of The Family Policy Alliance, TFL’s “The Daniel Initiative” aims to build a fortress of states that can transform a nation!

TFL is grateful to CBN for covering the powerful impact of our ministry and grateful to you, our supporters, for enabling us to embark on the bold, nation-transforming vision of The Daniel Initiative!

Do YOU want to see a Church revived and impacting government in a biblical way? Your support of The FAMiLY LEADER will help spread The Daniel Initiative across America!

TFL’s Capitol Connection: Planned Parenthood sex ed in Iowa schools

TFL’s Drew Zahn, Chuck Hurley, and Danny Carroll highlight a brewing controversy at the Capitol over YOUR tax dollars paying for Planned Parenthood to teach sex education in Iowa’s public schools:

Visit today!

Get the facts on the radical Iowa Supreme Court ruling on abortion that has prompted calls for a constitutional amendment.

TFL’s Capitol Connection: The best ‘first funnel’ ever!

TFL’s Drew Zahn, Chuck Hurley, and Daniel Sunne explain how your support of TFL’s Capitol Team is having more of an impact on the laws passed in Iowa today than ever before!

Not only did the Life Amendment pass through the critical “first funnel” at the Iowa Legislature, but so did religious liberty protections, adoption and family protection measures, judicial selection reform, and more.

Meanwhile, TFL’s Capitol Team was able to help block euthanasia bills, homeschooling restrictions, and more bad bills from getting to the floor of the Legislature for debate.

See why the Capitol Team is saying the first few months of 2019 have been some of the best in TFL’s history:

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Watch video from 2019 Prayer Rally for Life

On Thursday, Feb. 21, nearly 200 pro-life Iowans crowded into the Iowa Capitol for the 2019 Prayer Rally for Life, hosted by the Iowa Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders.

The day included a Bible study on the sanctity of life, a legislator breakfast with a leading pro-life attorney, training for everyday Iowans on how to lobby their own legislators, a rally in the Capitol Rotunda, informational tables from pro-life ministries that work both at the Capitol and in the lives of mothers and babies, and multiple subcommittee meetings on pro-life legislation advancing through Iowa’s government.

One of the highlights of the rally was a speech by Iowa State Rep. Sandy Salmon (R-Janesville), who alluded to states like New York and Vermont, which have recently passed laws permitting unfettered abortion up to the very moment of birth.

Salmon’s message was very different, culminating in the declaration, “We will be Iowa, and we will protect life!”

Watch Rep. Salmon’s speech below:

The keynote speaker at the rally was Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, who signed Iowa’s Heartbeat Bill into law and explained the heart-breaking decision not to appeal it to a biased state Supreme Court.

Nonetheless, the governor contended, “”Iowa has led the nation in passing the fetal heartbeat bill and igniting a movement beyond our borders!”

Watch Gov. Reynolds’ comments below:

TFL’s Capitol Connection: Talking life with guest Rep. Jon Jacobsen

Iowa State Rep. Jon Jacobsen of House District 22 joins The FAMiLY LEADER’s Drew Zahn as a special guest in this edition of TFL’s Capitol Connection. Jacobsen dives deep into strategic efforts to advance life in Iowa following the State Supreme Court’s egregious “right to abortion” decision last June:

Get the facts on the radical Iowa Supreme Court ruling that could make Iowa the next New York, and discover why a constitutional amendment is our best way to stop it – CLICK HERE!

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TFL’s Capitol Connection: Busy week at the Capitol!

The FAMiLY LEADER’s Capitol Team was so busy – with the Life Amendment, judicial reform, adoption law, gambling expansion, and more – TFL’s Drew Zahn had to catch up with the guys at the Capitol. This week was one of the busiest of the legislative session, so you’ll want to catch up with what’s going on:

Shortly after this video was filmed, the subcommittee met, and Iowa’s “Life Amendment” cleared it’s first hurdle!

Read more about Iowa’s “Life Amendment” here!

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TFL’s Capitol Connection: A constitutional amendment on abortion!

This coming week at the Iowa Capitol, the fight begins for a constitutional amendment declaring there is NO right to abortion in our state constitution and NO requirement that taxpayers fund abortion.

The FAMiLY LEADER’s Bob Vander Plaats, Chuck Hurley, and Danny Carroll explain why YOU are urgently needed to come, encourage Iowa’s determined senators who are advancing this amendment.

Why is such an amendment needed? Because our state Supreme Court has issued a ruling that could make Iowa the next New York!

Bob, Chuck, and Danny explain:

Details on the subcommittee hearing TFL encourages YOU to attend:

Senate State Government Subcommittee
Wednesday, Feb. 6, at noon*
Room 315 of the Iowa Capitol

*The hearing is expected to last about an hour. If you arrive by 11:30, you may be able to get a seat within the subcommittee room. At 1 p.m., immediately after the subcommittee hearing, TFL supporters are invited to stay for a debriefing on the fight for life in Iowa.

Get the facts on the radical Iowa Supreme Court ruling that could make Iowa the next New York, and discover why a constitutional amendment is our best way to stop it – CLICK HERE!

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TFL’s Capitol Connection: Hope for Heartbeat!

The FAMiLY LEADER’s President and CEO Bob Vander Plaats sits down with TFL Chief Counsel Chuck Hurley and TFL Senior Policy Advisor Danny Carroll in this week’s edition of TFL’s Capitol Connection.

The top topic of discussion: How “We the People” can reassert our voice in the fight for life after a Polk County judge ruled Iowa’s Heartbeat Law to be “unconstitutional”:

Get the facts on the radical Iowa Supreme Court ruling that led to Heartbeat being called “unconstitutional” – CLICK HERE!


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God’s incredible favor at the Capitol

“God is working in Des Moines, and – wow – we get to be a part of it!”

As the Church Ambassador Network begins another year of ministry at the Iowa Capitol, The FAMiLY LEADER’s vice president of church engagement, Greg Baker, reflects on how God is granting favor and opportunity for real ministry, right in the heart of government: