TFL’s Capitol Connection: HUGE pro-life victories and much, much more!

We have some major news and something to celebrate!

This was one of our busiest weeks at the Capitol in recent memory – as multiple bills on life, religious liberty, education, and more pulled our Capitol Team a dozen different directions.

The big news, however, was the progress of the Protect Life Amendment, which not only passed through committee in the Iowa House, but was also debated and passed by a floor vote of the Iowa Senate!

TFL’s Drew Zahn, Chuck Hurley, and Danny Carroll update you on the latest and why YOU may be needed in the next couple of weeks:

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TFL’s Capitol Connection: Protect Life Amendment clears House hurdle

Good news! The Protect Life Amendment has passed its first hurdle in the Iowa House, and it will likely be voted on in the Senate this coming week!

But there are still some serious misconceptions – even among Iowa legislators – about what the amendment does, why it’s needed, and what could happen if it’s NOT passed.

The FAMiLY Leader’s Drew Zahn, Chuck Hurley, and Daniel Sunne help you understand this critical issue and keep you updated on the amendment’s progress, sex education in schools, religious liberty, and more happening at the Iowa Capitol:

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LISTEN: Dr. James Dobson interviews Bob Vander Plaats

Since its very foundations, the Christian Church has wrestled with its interaction with government. History abounds with mistakes and abuses. But The FAMiLY Leader has become a pioneer in restoring an authentic and biblical approach to engaging government, not for political ends, but to advance the Kingdom of God.

Around the country, many of TFL’s peers are noticing, and TFL was profoundly honored to receive a call from Dr. James Dobson, requesting an interview for his Family Talk radio program.

Among other topics, Dr. Dobson spoke with TFL President and CEO Bob Vander Plaats about TFL’s “The Daniel Initiative,” an effort to mentor other states in replicating TFL’s proven model of cultural transformation, inspiring the Church to be the Church – even in the halls of government.

Now, you can listen in on the two-part interview Dr. Dobson called “one of the most important of his career”:

Part 1

Part 2

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CBN interviews Bob on 2020 caucus results

As the 2020 Iowa Presidential Caucuses wrapped up and the votes were still being counted, Heather Sells of CBN News asked The FAMiLY Leader President and CEO Bob Vander Plaats what he thought of the Democrat Party’s inability to tabulate the results of its caucus:

TFL’s Capitol Connection: Protect Life Amendment not just about abortion

There’s no question where The FAMiLY Leader stands on the Protect Life Amendment and the sanctity of human life: That little child in her mother’s womb – She’s a baby, and she deserves to be protected.

But the Protect Life Amendment is broader than the abortion debate. It’s important that our legislators – and the public – understand what this amendment is about.

First, this amendment does not ban any abortions. It doesn’t change any abortion laws.

But it does stand as a crucial check on unelected judges, who have seized for themselves the power to amend our constitution without even a vote of We the People.

Bob Vander Plaats, Chuck Hurley, and Danny Carroll sat down to discuss not only the quick progress of the Protect Life Amendment, but also the need to restore our constitutional government:

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TFL’s Capitol Connection: Pro-abortion power grab exposed!

An Iowa Senate committee hearing on the Protect Life Amendment revealed a sharp divide over who gets to amend the Iowa Constitution – We the People, or unelected judges?

Bob Vander Plaats, Chuck Hurley, and Danny Carroll sat down with actual footage from the hearing to talk about this critical difference in the debate over life and constitutional government:

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VIDEO: Frank Luntz visits TFL on eve of 2020 Caucuses

With only days to go before the 2020 Iowa Presidential Caucuses, nationally prominent pollster Frank Luntz brought a group of international students on an immersive trip into American elections to The FAMiLY Leader headquarters in Urbandale, Iowa.

Luntz told TFL the students had visited with presidential hopefuls Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, and they were about to leave for Washington, D.C., to witness the impeachment hearings for President Trump – but Luntz said their trip to Iowa wouldn’t be complete without visiting The FAMiLY Leader.

“I want them to come to Iowa, because I want them to know the truth – how the caucuses work, I want them to meet the voters of Iowa, I want them to experience an American election,” Luntz told TFL President and CEO Bob Vander Plaats. “And I want them to get as close as they can to the candidates, so they can get the chance to judge them the way Iowa voters do.”

Luntz explained he wanted to bring the students to TFL because he wanted them to also hear from a conservative perspective.

Because this year’s caucuses are focused on only the Democrat side of the ticket, Luntz told Vander Plaats, “[The students] have been surrounded by one half of the electorate, and I wanted them to hear from you and the other half. And you’ve had so much influence on the voters here, so much influence on the outcome here, that I thought you were the perfect person to provide that information.”

Luntz brought 15 students, representing 11 nations – including China, Ecuador, Greece, India, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, and more.

With the students watching in the TFL studio audience, Luntz sat down and talked with Vander Plaats about Iowa’s key role in “listening for America,” the moment everyone thought Donald Trump was done-for, why Democrats are mistaken to abandon faith voters, the most memorable moment in Luntz’s distinguished career (which happened at a TFL event), and more:

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TFL’s Capitol Connection: Protect Life Amendment advances!

Drew, Chuck, and Danny report from the Iowa Capitol on what has been an unusually busy and exciting first week of the Iowa Legislative session.

Among the big topics – A governor taking bold leadership on life, and the Protect Life Amendment clearing its first hurdle by passing an Iowa Senate subcommittee:

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VIDEO: Gov. Reynolds calls for amendment to protect life

The FAMiLY Leader applauds Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds’ declaration in her Condition of the State Address that Iowa must protect life by passing an amendment that makes it clear the Iowa Constitution does not grant a “right” to abortion.

Watch the governor’s comments on life and Bob Vander Plaats’ brief comments in response below:

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“The vast majority of Iowans support commonsense regulations that would protect mothers and children from efforts to expand abortion even to the day of birth, or designs to make Iowa taxpayers fund abortions,” commented The FAMiLY Leader President and CEO Bob Vander Plaats. “But in 2018, unelected judges stripped the right from all Iowans to determine for ourselves commonsense abortion law.

“So the governor is right to call on legislators to correct the courts and give We the People of Iowa our voice back,” he continued. “I sincerely hope our elected representatives will respond to her leadership by advancing the Protect Life Amendment.”

In the 2018 Planned Parenthood v. Reynolds decision the Iowa State Supreme Court declared abortion a “fundamental right” that could only be restricted under “strict scrutiny,” a radical position that extends far beyond Roe v. Wade.

The legal language in the ruling paves the way for future courts to overturn almost any abortion restriction or safeguard ever passed by the Iowa Legislature. In his dissenting opinion, Iowa State Supreme Court Justice Mansfield further warned the language could be a stepping stone to requiring taxpayer funding of elective abortions.

“The overwhelming majority of Iowans, if given the chance, would protect women and children from gruesome, late-term and partial-birth procedures,” Vander Plaats continued. “We would insist abortion clinics maintain basic safety standards. We can’t imagine being compelled to pay for abortions. That’s why the amendment the governor called for is so important.”

“That the Court would undermine protections for fully-formed, full-term babies in the womb is just appalling,” added Drew Zahn, director of communications for The FAMiLY Leader. “By now, we’ve heard all the arguments about abortion. But there’s one truth we can’t argue away. That little girl in her mother’s womb – she’s a baby, and she deserves protection.”

2019 VIDEO: “Above and beyond measure”

The FAMiLY Leader President and CEO Bob Vander Plaats has a message for you – a message of gratitude for 2019 and expectant hope for 2020:

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Pastor Equipping Webinar: Criminal justice reform

“Church and Government: How can my church advocate for justice reform and why does it matter?”

Do you have questions about what the Christian response to crime and over-incarceration in America should be? Would you be interested in tools to equip your church to pursue justice that restores? Please watch this webinar to understand why and how Christians should care for prisoners and advocate for justice reform.

Our featured speakers include Vice President of Government Affairs and Church Mobilization at Prison Fellowship Heather Rice-Minus, Pastor Quovadis Marshall of Hope City Church in Waterloo, Iowa, and Pastor Jon Kelly of Chicago West Bible Church in Chicago, Illinois:

Pastor Equipping Webinar: Mental health

When roughly one out of every five adults in America is struggling with mental health issues, it has become clear that churches need to understand how mental health impacts their community and what they can do to help.

To that end, TEAM Restoration Ministries has a God-driven commitment and passion for facilitating the healing and strengthening of marriages, families, and individuals through the blood of Jesus and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

Joel Fry, president of TEAM Restoration Ministries, shares how TEAM is working with the Church to address mental health and meet mental health needs in communities: