COVID-19 news: TFL, Church partnerships rally to respond

Blood drives, food banks, child care – all across Iowa, churches are working in partnership with the government to meet the most pressing practical needs of people impacted by the coronavirus crisis.

The FAMiLY Leader’s Bob Vander Plaats sits down with TFL’s Vice President of Church Engagement Greg Baker to talk about how this came to be, how it’s inspiring other states, and how YOU can help!

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Devotional: What our leaders need most right now

The FAMiLY Leader’s Vice President of Church Engagement Greg Baker meets daily to counsel and pray with legislators and governors.

In this video devotional, Greg shares from God’s Word what our leaders need most during the coronavirus crisis:

TFL’s Capitol Connection: An update from home, Church, AND government

“Social distancing” is keeping many Americans apart today, including the staff of The FAMiLY Leader!

So instead of the usual “TFL’s Capitol Connection” video that our team produces each Friday, we worked from three different locations to give you three, brief updates: one from my home, one from Greg Baker on what the Church can do in this time, and one from Chuck Hurley on what’s happening with the Iowa government and the Protect Life Amendment:

Bob from home

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Greg on the Church

Read Greg’s column, “7 ways Christians can help in the COVID-19 crisis.”

Chuck on the Iowa government

Coronavirus: Now is the time for the Church to step up

The FAMiLY Leader has been a trailblazer in forging biblical – and constitutional – cooperation between local governments and local churches. Both of God’s institutions, when they work together in separate roles but deliberate relationship, can meet community needs far better than either can working alone.

And now the coronavirus pandemic is pressing practical and personal hardships upon our friends and neighbors, many we may not even realize.

The FAMiLY Leader’s Bob Vander Plaats and Greg Baker discuss this incredible opportunity for the Church to be the hands and feet of Christ:

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TFL’S Capitol Connection Special Edition: Legislature suspended

The Iowa Legislature will be suspended for 30 days as a safety precaution during the coronavirus pandemic.

The FAMiLY Leader’s Bob Vander Plaats, Chuck Hurley, and Danny Carroll break down what that means for the Iowa government and what that means for our top legislative priority, the Protect Life Amendment:

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TFL’s Capitol Connection: “Gender identity” bathrooms spark confrontation

Typically, The FAMiLY Leader’s Capitol Connection highlights bills and amendments currently being debated in the Iowa House and Senate.

This week, however, it’s an old law – which placed “gender identity” into Iowa’s Civil Rights Code in 2007 – that sparked a controversy at the Capitol.

TFL’s Bob Vander Plaats, Chuck Hurley, and Danny Carroll discuss not only the nonsense over “gender identity,” which included a confrontation between students and State Troopers over which bathroom to use, but also the status of the Protect Life Amendment and in the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on our planned event with U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo:

TFL’s Capitol Connection: Iowans rally for Protect Life Amendment

This past week, roughly 200 Iowans gathered in the Capitol Rotunda to pray for life and passage of the Protect Life Amendment. Among those speaking was Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, who again made the case for why the amendment is so needed.

The FAMiLY Leader’s Drew Zahn, Chuck Hurley, and Danny Carroll sit down to discuss what that prayer rally meant for the amendment and how some high-level meetings with government officials are continuing to build the momentum for protecting life:

Watch video from the 2020 Prayer Rally for Life here!

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WATCH: Gov. Reynolds champions Protect Life Amendment

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds spoke a crowd of roughly 200 pro-life supporters at the Prayer Rally for Life at the Iowa Capitol on March 2, 2020.

Chief among her topics: Iowa’s need to pass the Protect Life Amendment.

“With one ruling the Iowa Supreme Court moved [Iowa] from being one of the most pro-life states in the nation to being one of the most abortion friendly,” the governor explained. “That one ruling was more aggressive than the U.S. Supreme Court was in Roe v. Wade.

“It laid the groundwork to challenge every single regulation and restriction on abortion on demand and opened the doors for public funding of abortion,” she continued. “I believe this decision is wrong, and it’s up to us to correct overreach by the judiciary.”

Watch Gov. Reynolds’ full speech below:

Get the facts on the Iowa Supreme Court’s radical ruling and why Iowa needs to pass the Protect Life Amendment: Click here now!

You can also watch video of the whole Prayer Rally for Life below, or use the time codes below the video to skip to specific speakers:

0:00 Opening Remarks/Introduction – Danny Carroll – The FAMiLY LEADER /Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders

2:10 Opening Prayer – Terry Amann – Pastor at the Church of the Way

6:52 Update on Constitutional Amendment

8:32 Representative Steve Holt

15:41 Senator Jake Chapman

23:52 Introduction of Governor – Bob Vander Plaats – The FAMiLY LEADER

29:22 Governor Kim Reynolds

39:25 Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders – Maggie DeWitte – Executive Director – Iowans For LIFE Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders

46:24 Mothers, Victims, and the Role of the Church – Laura Limmex – Restored by Grace Ministries, 515.971.5522

58:30 Prayer for Life – Father Mark McGeary – Associate Pastor of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, West Des Moines

1:03:13 Recognize Legislators in attendance – ChuckHurley – TheFAMiLYLEADER

1:04:52 Prayer for Legislators and Governor – A.J. Potter – Pastor at Pleasantville Baptist Church

1:09:40 Closing Prayer Pastor Shawn Powers – Pastor at Redemption Hill Church

1:11:57 Closing Remarks – Danny Carroll

TFL’s Capitol Connection: Public hearing on life and 2 big events coming!

This week the Protect Life Amendment was given a public hearing before a crowd of hundreds and the focused eye of TV cameras. TFL’s Bob Vander Plaats, Chuck Hurley, and Danny Carroll not only update you on how it went, but also keep you in the loop on the Prayer Rally for Life at the Iowa Capitol March 2, and “An Evening of International Impact” on March 21.

Plus, click below to:

WATCH: Exclusive, behind scenes interview with Joel Rosenberg

One year ago, New York Times bestselling author Joel C. Rosenberg came to Iowa, to a FAMiLY Leader Foundation event, to debut his newest novel, “The Persian Gamble.”

Before that evening’s dinner and presentation, TFL President and CEO Bob Vander Plaats sat down with Joel in an exclusive, never-before-seen video.

The two talked about how America has changed since the day in 2012 when, at TFL’s Family Leadership Summit, Rosenberg issued a call for God’s people to humble themselves and pray to seek revival in our nation. That Summit significantly changed the direction of TFL’s ministry. And in this video, Vander Plaats and Rosenberg discuss why the Church must lead the change if we’re to see God stay His hand of judgment upon our country:

Now, one year later, Rosenberg is returning to Iowa to debut another new novel, “The Jerusalem Assassin.”

What’s more, he’s joining a very special guest – U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo – for “An Evening of International Impact” at the Des Moines Marriott Downtown on Saturday, March 21, at *6:30 p.m.

“As tensions mount in the Middle East, we wanted to set apart an evening to begin a conversation,” says Bob Vander Plaats, president and CEO of The FAMiLY Leader Foundation. “We have invited Rosenberg and Secretary Pompeo to sit down with us and discuss the current global situation, America’s role, and the impact our faith has on these circumstances.”

The evening dinner, brought to you by signature sponsor Lindell Recovery Network, will include an update from Vander Plaats on TFL’s “The Daniel Initiative” and presentations by both Secretary Pompeo and Rosenberg.

Secretary Pompeo has served the U.S. as an Army officer, a U.S. representative from Kansas, and the director of the Central Intelligence Agency. He serves today as the U.S. Secretary of State.

Rosenberg will join the dinner as part of the debut book tour for his newest novel, “The Jerusalem Assassin.” Author of 13 previous New York Times bestselling novels, Rosenberg has repeatedly proven his uncanny ability to foreshadow geopolitical realities, marking his place as a leader in fact-based fiction. Attendees will receive one complimentary copy of “The Jerusalem Assassin” per family unit, and Rosenberg plans a book signing following the event.

* Please plan on arriving early and leave personal defense items at home or in your vehicle, as the event will be monitored by diplomatic security.

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WATCH: Protect Life Amendment public hearing

On Tuesday, Feb. 25, observers at the Iowa Capitol were truly surprised and inspired: Pro-lifers came to the Capitol by the hundreds to pray, to testify, and to cheer on Iowa’s pro-life champions at a public hearing for The Protect Life Amendment.

While long-time Capitol observers remember well the days when Planned Parenthood’s pink-shirted crowds chanted and drowned out small gatherings of pro-life activists, Tuesday night marked a significant shifting of the tide. The former State Supreme Court chambers, the hallways, the Rotunda, and an overflow room were all crowded this time with a comparable crowd of pro-lifers. Those who have seen the ultrasounds and those who know that infant lives in their mothers’ wombs are babies deserving of protection came to cheer on the Protect Life Amendment.

In fact, as the night concluded, House members noticed, the pro-abortion forces ran out of people willing to testify, while the pro-life list still ran over a dozen long of people hoping to speak.

The FAMiLY Leader’s camera and communications team was there, covering the action. You can watch the entire night’s slate of testimonies below, or use the time-stamp list below the video to skip to a specific speaker:

Click on times to jump to spot in video.

0:00 Rep. Holt – Opening Comments on HJR 2004
2:43 Dr. Mary Browning
6:01 Opposition
8:59 Lisa Ambrozic
12:05 Opposition
15:18 Renee Aamodt
18:15 Opposition
21:14 Brittany Hruska
24:11 Opposition
27:21 Pastor Josh DeGroote
30:35 Opposition
33:45 Kim Laube
36:47 Opposition
39:59 Maggie Dewitte
42:42 Opposition
45:55 Jim Lamb
49:08 Opposition
51:48 Daniel Sunne
54:30 Opposition
57:42 Danny Carroll
1:00:46 Opposition
1:03:30 Caitlyn Dixson
1:06:21 Laura Limmex
1:09:23 Opposition
1:12:30 Luana Stoltenberg
1:15:31 Opposition
1:18:31 Serena Dye
1:21:47 Opposition
1:24:57 Nancy Lincoln
1:28:08 Opposition
1:30:26 Eric Borseth
1:33:37 Opposition
1:36:42 Joan Thompson
1:39:28 Rebecca Oleson
1:42:21 Opposition
1:45:30 Opposition
1:48:23 Drew Zahn
1:51:34 Lindsey M.
1:54:29 Opposition
1:57:47 Chuck Hurley
2:01:22 Nathan Oppman
2:04:02 – Closing/end

TFL’s Capitol Connection: Major update on multiple bills in ‘1st funnel’ flurry

The Iowa Legislature’s “first funnel” date is always a flurry of activity, as the self-imposed deadline determines which bills remain eligible for debate this year and which effectively “die” until next session.

Now that the first funnel has passed, The FAMiLY Leader’s Drew, Chuck, and Danny update you on several bills, covering several topics, including the Protect Life Amendment, other pro-life measures, euthanasia, religious liberty, and more:

Get more details on the Protect Life Amendment public hearing here!