TFL’s Capitol Connection: Governor’s Condition of the State

The FAMiLY LEADER Vice President Chuck Hurley attended Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds’ 2019 Condition of the State address at the Iowa Capitol. Her speech sparked several notes of optimism for Iowa’s future, but carried the theme that the future isn’t some, distant day, but rather, “The time is now.”

With further reaction from the Capitol itself, Chuck Hurley:

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Pastor, ‘Come and See’ what God is doing

As another Iowa legislative session begins, Greg Baker invites pastors to discover how God is using church leaders to change the culture of the Capitol:

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The challenge of our time: Restoring civility

An unexpected invitation led to an even more unexpected friendship. Now Bob Vander Plaats is continuing the legacy of restoring civility in America:

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Merry Christmas from TFL!

Bob and Darla Vander Plaats (without Chelsea, this time) look back with gratitude on all God has done this year and wish you a very merry Christmas!

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Combating pornography

The Church Ambassador Network has teamed with Pastor Luke Hukee to combat pornography in the Church by working to free many people from pornography’s bondage. Check out virtual equipping meetings, resources, and interviews from Pastor Luke Hukee:


One of the greatest threats we are facing in our churches today is pornography. The research shows it. Our churches are filled with people who are enslaved to pornography. I wish I could say our people look different than the world, but at least in this area we don’t. Many of our saints who love Jesus, as backwards as it sounds, are addicted to porn. And here is something maybe even crazier: 93% of churches have nothing in place to combat it. But we can change that. By God’s grace we can develop ministries or implement materials already available to help our people find freedom from something that is crushing so many of their lives. Listed below are a number of resources that we have found helpful in the fight against porn in our church. I hope these resources listed can be of assistance to you.

With grace,

Luke Hukee
Pastor, Walnut Creek Church

Join Pastor Luke Hukee to learn about the blight of pornography in and outside the Church and how churches can combat pornography behind their own walls.

Pastor Equipping Seminar: Combating pornography

Listen to Pastor Luke Hukee discuss pornography and more on Faith Works Live, 99.3 FM

Research Resources:

Josh McDowell: The Porn Epidemic Portfolio
The Porn Phenomenon by the Barna Group
Fight the New

Ministry Resources:

“Clean” by Doug Weiss
“The Game Plan” by Joe Dallas
Conquer Series
“Redeemed Sexuality” by Andrew Boa
“Sexual Sanity for Women: Healing from Sexual and Relational Brokenness” by Ellen Dykas
“Making All Things New: Restoring Joy to the Sexually Broken” by David Powlison

Accountability Resources:

Covenant Eyes

VIDEO RECAP: Heartbeat faces Dec. 7 hearing

Iowa’s nation-leading Heartbeat Law was in court Friday, Dec. 7, as Planned Parenthood and friends tried to get the law struck down without even a trial.

The FAMiLY LEADER’s Bob Vander Plaats and Drew Zahn were on the scene, witnessing and reporting on what happened:

Now, here’s what YOU can do next: No matter how Judge Michael Huppert rules, the losing side will almost certainly appeal to the Iowa State Supreme Court. And now, YOU will have the opportunity to have YOUR voice heard on the matter!

The FAMiLY LEADER plans to file an official, on the record, amicus brief targeted for that appeal that specifically comes from “We the People.” It’s about time America’s courts recognize they only get their power from us. So when you join with thousands of other Americans in signing the Heartbeat petition, YOUR name will be listed among “We the People” calling on the courts to defend life!

Sign the petition for life that will be entered into official court records!

In the video below, TFL’s Chuck Hurley explains why this bold move from “We the People” is so historic and so significant:

You’re going to want to be able to tell your children and grandchildren that YOUR name was counted among the Americans who stood up for life on this day!

All you have to do is fill out the petition form at the link below to add your name to this historic record:

180516 petition2

When you’re done filling out the petition, know that the more people who sign it, the louder our collective voice will be. So SHARE this page! Share it with your online friends, your family, your pastor, your church, your small group, your neighbors, your book club, your Christmas card list – anyone and everyone who might stand with you for life.

180517Bulletin icon


Click on the image at the left for a downloadable bulletin insert your pastor or church can use to encourage your fellow church members to both sign the petition AND pray for issues specific to the fetal heartbeat law court challenge!

181206 petition thumbnail

Click on the image at the left for a downloadable print petition that you can use to gather written signatures. The more signatures, the better! Instructions for use are on the form itself.


This is a historic moment, and our leaders in government need to hear the voice of the people. They need to hear YOU … because babies in the womb have no other voice to speak for them. Sign the petition today!

Bob Vander Plaats on WOI-TV: Heartbeat Law, 2018 governor’s race

The weekend prior to the 2018 mid-term election, Bob Vander Plaats appeared on WOI-TV’s “This Week in Iowa” to discuss the election, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, and the Heartbeat Law:

Pastor Equipping Webinar: Religious liberty

Continuing the monthly equipping webinars for pastors, the Church Ambassador Network hosted a webinar on religious liberty. Chuck Hurley, TFL chief counsel and ADF-allied attorney, presented on the history, current status, and future of religious liberty, as well as practical steps churches can take. Check out the webinar recording as well as resource links below:

History of religious freedom in America

Protect Your Ministry booklet

Albert Mohler’s The Briefing

Bob talks midterm elections with MSNBC

The FAMiLY LEADER President and CEO Bob Vander Plaats appeared on MSNBC with host Craig Melvin on Wednesday, Oct. 10, to talk about President Donald Trump’s rally appearance in Council Bluffs, Iowa, the evening before:

The FAMiLY LEADER works to inspire the Church to engage with government for the advance of God’s Kingdom (and not any person or political party). To that end, TFL has created Honoring God 2018, a non-partisan initiative that equips pastors and church leaders to encourage their congregations to engage in the 2018 Election. As Americans, we have been given the gift of self-government, of choosing our leaders, and like any gift, we have a responsibility to use it for the glory of God.

Learn more about Honoring God 2018 by clicking here now!

Bob on CNN: Take politics out of it, let’s get to the truth

On Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2018, Bob Vander Plaats was in New York City on the set of CNN’s prime time show Out Front to talk about the Senate’s investigation into allegations against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. But while the show’s other guest immediately pressed to score political points, Bob challenged CNN and all America to a higher standard – to seek the truth instead of partisan advantage:

In today’s hyperpartisan culture, The FAMiLY LEADER stands uniquely as a voice of faithfulness to a higher Kingdom. Please join us in advocating civil dialogue and a biblical worldview by giving to the ministry of The FAMiLY LEADER today.

Behind the scenes at #FLS18: Marjorie Dannenfelser

Behind the scenes at #FLS18: Lyndon Allen