You don’t want to miss a moment: 2017 Family Leadership Summit

One month ago, the 6th Annual Family Leadership Summit inspired and encouraged Christians to join a movement advancing the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33).

Watch a 4-minute video recap of the amazing day below:

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Watch the entire day’s livestream, click here:

To watch individual moments or speakers, click their name below to watch on YouTube:

And, for the first time widely available to the public, click the link below to be taken to a previously created “thank you” page, where you can listen to audio of the breakout sessions!

Breakout sessions page

Does the Bible really address politics? Should preachers?

No matter what you believe about church and state, Pastor Jim Garlow is sure to challenge your thinking.

When pastors tell him, “I only preach Jesus,” he has a return question: “Are you telling me that if you were a pastor before the Civil War, that you wouldn’t have spoken out against slavery?”

For when you refuse to preach biblical principles because they’re too “political,” what you’re really doing is allowing politics to censor your Bible.

“I don’t want you to be more political,” Garlow tells preachers, “I wish you were more biblical.”

Watch Garlow’s riveting address to the 2017 Family Leadership Summit below:

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Watch Kellyanne Conway interview from FLS17

At The Family Leadership Summit on July 15, attendees saw a side of Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway they virtually never see on mainstream television.

Rather than being badgered by a hostile reporter, Conway was given the opportunity to be interviewed about her faith, her family, and her challenging task of working in the White House and before the public eye.

After news reports were hastily filed criticizing Conway yet again, why not watch for yourself to see what she really said?

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Bob on CNN: Tells Trump to focus while others ‘jump to conclusions’

While politicos and reporters are quick to pile on or defend Donald Trump amid the latest “Russia” news, Bob Vander Plaats has a message for President Trump: Focus on results. And for the rest of us: Let’s wait for the truth to come out before “jumping to conclusions.”

See Bob’s recent interview on CNN by clicking here.

WATCH: “There’s never been a time more urgent than now …”

Earlier this month, a gunman asked whether it was the Republican or Democrat baseball team practicing on the field below him. When he found out those on the field were members of the opposite political party, he opened fire.

It’s clear America must stop the “us vs. them” rhetoric and the demonizing of those with whom we disagree.

Or as Bob Vander Plaats explains in this brief video, “There’s never been a time more urgent than now for principled leadership over politics”:

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Bob Vander Plaats: Trump delivers ‘presidential moment’ on Islam

Bob on Trump’s troubles: Mr. President, character counts

Bob challenges Trump: We need a champion

Bob on CRTV: Time for Trump to take on Congress

In an interview with CRTV’s “Steve Deace Show” on May 1, Bob Vander Plaats talked about the grades he gave President Donald Trump and Congress in Trump’s first hundred days and suggested it’s time Trump took on the “F”-rated Congress.

Among the key points Bob made:

  • Republicans in Congress have long blamed media and congressional Democrats for road-blocking conservative principles. Given their actions (or inaction) since gaining a majority in both houses, it’s clear many congressional Republicans are actually “in on it.”
  • President Trump needs to champion an issue and go directly to the American people, calling on them to put pressure on Congress to lead.
  • Ultimately, if Trump wishes a second term, it will be his accomplishments on the issues that gets him reelected, not his rhetoric.

For more on Bob’s grades of President Trump and Congress in Trump’s first 100 days, follow Bob on Twitter by clicking here.

VIDEO: Holy Week Service at Iowa Capitol

Legislators and staff, pastors and the public gathered in the Rotunda of the Iowa Capitol on April 10 to start Holy Week right and help the Capitol community reflect on Christ’s purchase of freedom for us all.

From the sounds of “How Great Thou Art” sung a capella, drawing legislators out of chambers at the soul-stirring sound, to inspiring prayer and a presentation of the gospel based on 2 Corinthians 5:21, the service inspired hope in a place so often filled with human fallenness.

Watch video of the service below (time codes for specific speakers below the video):

0:00 Worship Team
7:58 Greg Baker – Welcome
10:35 Pastor Dave Martin
10:38 Bob Vander Plaats
22:20 Message – Pastor Todd Stiles
37:50 Greg Baker
39:40 Pastor Stanley Togba
42:46 Worship – “How Great Thou Art”

Abortion debate: Heartsill hears a “Who”

In the book “Horton Hears a Who” Dr. Seuss once wrote, “A person is a person no matter how small.”

In this powerful speech during debate over abortion on April 5, State Rep. Greg Heartsill quotes not just Dr. Seuss, but also science, the Supreme Court, the Bible, and the Declaration of Independence in asserting the personhood of every child, no matter how small, from the moment of conception.

Though lack of support forced Heartsill to withdraw his amendment to define life at conception, video of his poignant words can be seen below:

Join the growing movement of people who are boldly declaring, “That little girl in her mother’s womb? She’s a baby!” Visit today and click, “I agree, she’s a baby.”

Rally for Life: “We’re not done!”


At the March 30 Rally for Life at the State Capitol, Iowans had the opportunity to hear from their elected leaders at the highest levels of state government speak out on life.

Iowans also heard one comment made repeatedly from the podium: “We’re not done.”

Yes, the Legislature has brought forward some life-affirming bills this session; yet our elected leaders freely and publicly pledged, “We’re not done.”

The Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders also affirms, “We’re not done.” We will continue to work toward seeing a day when no tax dollars support abortion facilities and all babies are protected by law from the moment of conception.


It is now up to everyday Iowans to hold their representatives accountable to their words. The video below highlights their commitments:

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