Caucus 2016 … It Is Time

Caucus 2016 … It Is Time


It is time … for Christians to engage again in all three of God’s institutions: the church, the family, and the government.

In America, engaging the government begins with the Iowa Caucuses on Monday, Feb. 1, at 7:00 p.m.

To learn more about why to caucus, click here.

To learn more about how to caucus, including how to find your caucus location, click here.

Click here for easy-to-understand instructive videos
on how to caucus.

Watch the “Why Caucus?” VIDEO series:


Click here to watch the “Why Caucus?” video series.

What can a pastor do?

Click here to see five easy steps pastors can take to encourage their congregations to caucus, rules on IRS compliance, and resources to make it happen!


Download the video:
Click here to download the “Caucus 2016 … It Is Time” video above. You may use it freely in your home, at church, on social media, wherever you have the opportunity.

Bulletin insert/flyer
bulletin-iconClick here for a bulletin insert or handout that makes sharing the “Why caucus?” and “How do I caucus?” message easy.

Pastor letter
Click here
to download a letter sent to over 2,000 Iowa pastors, inviting them to encourage their congregations to engage in government.

Caucus PowerPoint iconPresentation slide
Click here
to download a PowerPoint slide you can use as a friendly reminder of the Caucus date.

Social media
Share this webpage and videos through social media, like Facebook and Twitter. The FAMiLY LEADER Foundation will also be creating additional Caucus reminders in the coming days: Please “like” and “share” what you find at

Click here for a list of requests to consider in your prayer time, “and all the more as the day approaches.”

Still have questions about the caucus process? Click here for answers to 12 of the most common questions about the caucuses.