Christians Save a Church

Christians Save a Church


The Chinese government has marked for destruction one of the largest and most prestigious church buildings in their country.  Christians from all across the region are gathering together to create a 24-hour human shield to prevent the government from using bulldozers to raze the building.

“I’ve come here today to show my support. A church is a scared place and we are all brothers and sisters.” said Jin Yufu, 55, from the nearby community of Wenling. “Christianity has made a big contribution to society in many ways. Thanks to Church we don’t smoke, gamble or drink. Christians are good people.”

On the surface, it looks like it is a battle for protecting a really nice building.  But the real issue at stake isn’t the building.  It’s religious liberty.  And the Church in America needs to watch and learn from this.

China’s government is controlled by atheistic Communism, which has a record of being very oppressive to Christianity.  However in recent years, the church in China has been booming, especially in the “underground church” – small groups that meet in homes and are not officially declared to the government.  The government is known for cracking down and invading these house churches with force.

However the unique scenario with this church is that it is an official church, registered with the government.  In recent history, as long as they have agreed to government restrictions, they have been able to worship without oppression.

For whatever reason, this may be changing.

What are we, here in America, to learn from this?

We may not be in a place where the government is razing our church buildings yet, but all it would take is enough government leaders who aren’t friendly to Christianity.

That’s why we need real leaders.  Leaders who understand what it means to be a public servant.  Leaders who understand how the Founding Fathers designed our government to protect the freedoms and liberties of its citizens.

The FAMiLY LEADER is looking for those leaders.  Are you one of them?  Do you want to become one?  True leadership starts with a commitment.  And we encourage you to become a “card-carrying” family leader member.  Click here to learn more!