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A message from our Board Pastor, Bill Tvedt


Iowa Capitol Project

We are asking pastors and congregants across this state to join us in coming to the Iowa State Capitol. Our goal is to have a group of ministers at the Capitol every single day legislators are in session, and we are calling this effort the Iowa Capitol Project.

When pastors come to the Capitol, the first thing they do is meet with The FAMiLY LEADER team in the morning. We bring them up to date on what different legislation is being worked on, who is spiritually soft, who their ministers are, and who is in need of prayer. By meeting with us, we are able to bring pastors up to date as if they were there every day. Following the meeting, pastors then go upstairs to the House and Senate chambers and work with them to help them contact their different legislators.

Learn more about the Iowa Capitol Project…

And pastors, the schedule for this year’s Capitol visits can be found by clicking here.

IMG_0144_2One of the initiatives of the Iowa Capitol Project was to have a church present each legislator a Founders’ Bible in the 2015 Legislative Session. What an incredible image! Churches, pastors, and lay leaders graciously and lovingly handing out copies of God’s Word to, in some instances, a legislator who may be opposed to their personal beliefs.

What churches and pastors can legally do regarding elections

Click here for details regarding what can be done at election time to make a difference!

gov purpose flier thmResources for sermons on social issues

Elections: what can churches do?  These videos give the answers.

Focus on the Family – Focus has a wonderful library of articles and resources detailing biblical views on essentially every social issue present in our culture today.

What is the purpose of government?  TFL Vice President and Chief Counsel, Chuck Hurley compiled this convenient pamphlet to answer that important question.  You are welcome to download and use .

Support The Family Leader Foundation through your church missionary budget

Please consider adding The Family Leader Foundation to your church missionary support.  Our capitol team is focused on ministering to the spiritual needs of your legislators, along with defending the rights of Christians in Iowa.  Please contact Greg Baker for details.

if714-book-If 7:14

Our ultimate hope is not in government.  We believe the Church is the current vehicle through which God has chosen to bring restoration to this world.  This means that the Church must be leading in the area of repentance.  TFL President and CEO, Bob Vander Plaats, has written a powerful book about why the time for revival is now!

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And best of all, see how this app can encourage, remind, and train the people your church not just to say they’ll start praying, but actually do it!

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