Culture of Intimidation?

Culture of Intimidation?


By Bob Vander Plaats –

In the video below, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) sums up the tactics and the goals of the left exceptionally well. We have all heard the horror stories of when the IRS showed up at someone’s door to close their business, seize their records, or usher them out of their homes. In recent days, it turns out there is good reason for fear of the IRS — especially if you’re a conservative who disagrees with the views of the Left and their agenda.

We’ve often stated that the Left preaches tolerance but is completely intolerant when another viewpoint is offered.  The disturbing revelations of the IRS targeting conservative groups similar in beliefs and philosophy to The FAMiLY LEADER sends a chilling message to all Americans. While it is true we don’t agree with many voices articulating an agenda completely opposed to our mission of, “Strengthening families…,” please know we recognize and validate the Left’s right and freedom to have a voice.

It has become apparent the IRS and the apparatus they are taking their lead from, disagree.  In their minds, demonstrated by their actions, only their voice gets to be heard.  Believe me, we will fight this…expose this…and do our best to defeat this!

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