Cutting Through a Webcam of Lies

Cutting Through a Webcam of Lies

Judge Romano

On Wednesday, November 6, an 8-2 ruling by the Iowa Board of Medicine was scheduled to go into effect, thereby stopping all webcam abortion practices in the state of Iowa.  The board’s decision was based on concern for patient safety.  However, District Court Judge Karen Romano, appointed by Governor Vilsack in 2001, issued a temporary hold on Tuesday, which blocked the Board’s decision.  The ultimate decision will be handled by the Iowa court system.

The FAMiLY LEADER, along with Iowa Right to Life and other groups denounced the ruling because it will keep a dangerous and medically irresponsible practice going, resulting in the death of thousands of innocent babies.  The Iowa Board of Medicine’s responsibility is to evaluate and oversee that only safe medical procedures are practiced in the state of Iowa.  They felt that webcam abortions were not responsible medicine for either the mother or the baby.

In addition, The FAMiLY LEADER observed that Judge Romano was clearly participating in judicial activism.  Here we have a medical board with seven certified doctors who are expressing concern about a medical procedure, and Planned Parenthood files suit and brings the case to a single judge who hasn’t a speck of known medical background then ruling in favor of Planned Parenthood.  That ruling then results in Planned Parenthood being able to perform thousands of money-making abortions.  Doesn’t that sound like Planned Parenthood is politicizing the court and using an activist judge to further their agenda?

What are Webcam Abortions?

Webcam abortions are irresponsible and terrifying for several reasons.  The Planned Parenthood doctor, usually hundreds of miles away, never examines the expecting mother.  Their only interaction is through a Sype-like video chat.  The doctor may ask a few questions, then pushes a button which opens a drawer containing two pills.  The mother takes the first one while on the webcam, but then takes the second pill on her own, unsupervised.  Some time afterwards, she will go into labor and deliver a dead baby.  The doctors don’t follow up, don’t help with the delivery or disposal of the corpse.  What does a 17 year old girl do with a dead baby?  What is she to do if she starts bleeding uncontrollably?  Those situations are never handled by Planned Parenthood.


Not surprisingly, many liberal groups including OneIowa (who’s chief issue is homosexuality), Progress Iowa, and the Iowa State Bar Association started attacking The FAMiLY LEADER on our critique of Judge Romano’s actions.  Read The FAMiLY LEADER’s statements as we released them over the last few days.

On Friday morning, TFL Chief Counsel, Chuck Hurley, was a guest on the Jan Mickelson radio show.  Between Jan and Chuck, the facts of the case were laid out very clearly, and answered a lot of the questions surrounding the situation.

Listen to the show here: (start at the 35:00 mark, duration 15:00 minutes)audio icon