Dr. Del Tackett teaches worldview at TFL’s student LEAD week

For 50+ teenagers on the campus of Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa, the implications of a biblical (or unbiblical) worldview have never been more eye-opening, thanks to in-person instruction from The Truth Project’s Dr. Del Tackett.

The teens are participating in LEAD, a week-long leadership development program developed over 25 years of experience in Michigan and now brought to Iowa for the first time by The FAMiLY LEADER.

Tackett’s words to the students have been both profoundly unsettling and personally encouraging.

Tackett’s breakdown of the “state of the union” in America reveals a culture sprinting away from the heart of God. A nation that once proclaimed biblical principles, both in the pulpit and in the halls of government, has become a nation whose institutions – from academia and law to media and pop culture – have all “shifted sides on the stadium,” cheering against those who hold fast to a biblical worldview.

“You need to have courage,” Tackett told the students, “to stand when others ‘boo’ you.”

Yet180729 LEAD students rather than merely bemoan the shift in attitudes (America’s Christians cannot merely become a chorus of “whiners,” Tackett says), Tackett told the teens, “This is when the people of God become a Remnant.”

For despite Western Civilization’s radical departure from its Christian heritage, where some nations in Europe have seen evangelical Christianity fall to near-extinction levels, Tackett says the current generation is living in a day of opportunity.

“There is a miracle happening,” Tackett says. “There is a huge Remnant left in this nation, when in reality, there should be none.”

170320 lead studentsLike his work with The Truth Project, Tackett has been encouraging TFL’s LEAD students to evaluate the evidence of God’s design in creation, to understand the social consequences of our broader culture’s worldview, and to apply a biblical worldview to their own thinking.

“God is not through with us,” Tackett encouraged the students. “You are a part of His Remnant.”

TFL’s LEAD week also includes hands-on leadership experiences in a mock-legislature setting, as well as worship and testimony from ambassadors for Christ in many fields. Additional speakers planned for the week include Pastor Todd Stiles, international opera star Simon Estes, football chaplain Chris Barr, and Matt Moeckl, executive director of Wildwood Hills Ranch of Iowa.