Election Results

Election Results


Thank you to everyone who helped out with our election efforts at The FAMiLY LEADER. We are very excited over the results and glad to see so many biblical worldview candidates across the nation win. We are however disappointed the our state senate was unable to change control. We pray that God is able to work through our split legislature to pass some righteous legislation.

Here is a peek at what happened on the ballot in Iowa and across the country. We will be sending you more of our thoughts about this election and what it all means in the coming days.

U.S. Senate

Last night Joni Ernst easily won her election to the U.S. Senate. She will be Iowa’s first female elected to Congress, and her seat will not be up for election until 2020. Nationwide Republicans won 7 new seat in the U.S. Senate giving them the U.S. Senate majority with 52-45. Louisiana and Alaska will go into a run off election in December. Republicans are expected to win both of those seats, thus giving them a 54-45 majority.

Joni Ernst (R)

Bruce Braley (D) 

U.S. Congress

A lot happened in Iowa and across the country for the U.S. House of Representative. Republicans maintained and expanded their majority to 243-175 with 12 new pick ups. One of those pick ups came from Iowa. 3 out of the 4 Congressman in Iowa are now Republicans. David Young and Rod Blum will serve their first term. All four are up for election in 2016.

District 1

Rod Blum (R) 

Pat Murphy (D) 

District 2

Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R) 

Dave Loebsack (D) (incumbent)

District 3

David Young (R) 

Staci Appel 

District 4

Steve King (R) (incumbent)

Jim Mowrer (D) 

State Executive Branch, Governor/ Lt. Governor

Across the country Republicans held all of their vulnerable incumbants, which included Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kansas, and Maine. Republicans also picked up three new states that Obama easily won in 2012; Illinois, Massachusetts, and Maryland. Republicans lost the state of Pennsylvania. Across the country Republicans have a majority of the governors, 31-15. 3 states are still to close to call, Colorado, Connecticut, and Vermont.

In Iowa, Governor Terry Branstad easily won re-election, winning 98 of the 99 counties. If Branstad finishes at least two years of his new four year term, he will be the longest-serving governor in U.S. history.

Terry Branstad/ Kim Reynolds (R incumbent)

Jack Hatch/ Monica Vernon(D) 

Secretary of State

Paul Pate (R) 

Brad Anderson (D)

Auditor of State

Mary Mosiman (R incumbent)

Jonathan Neiderbach (D)

Treasurer of State

Sam Clovis (R)

Michael Fitzgerald (D incumbent)

Secretary of Agriculture

Bill Northey (R incumbent)

Sherrie Taha (D)

Attorney General

Adam Gregg (R)

Tom Miller (D incumbent)

State House of Representatives

Republicans maintained control of the Iowa House and gained 4 seats. Republicans control the House 57-43.

State Senate

Democrats maintained control of the Iowa Senate. Republicans gained and lost a seat. Democrats keep the Senate majority at 26-24. The same number it has been at for the past four years.