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When do you vote? Why should you vote? How do you find your polling place? We’ve got you covered.

Vote on November 6th
Polls are open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

How do I vote?
To vote in Iowa you need to be registered to vote. You can register online or at your voting location. To learn more about how to vote, including information on voter registration, visit the Iowa Secretary of State website: sos.iowa.gov or call 1-888-SOS-VOTE (1-888-767-8683).

Where do I vote?
Find your polling place online at https://sos.iowa.gov/elections/voterreg/pollingplace/search.aspx

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Why should I vote?

5 reasons why Christians should care about government and voting:

Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2 show us that government was instituted by God, created with a purpose and responsibility: to punish evil and reward those who do good. Government is God’s social institution of justice, a value so important to God, His Son was killed on the Cross to satisfy its requirements.

Romans 13 calls government officials “ministers” of God, meaning they are, in effect, servants of the Lord. Just as pastors are ministers of the Church, elected officials are ministers of God in government, and they have a job to do for Him. This should change the way we view our elected officials. This is why the Bible calls us to pray, submit, and honor those in authority (1 Timothy 2, Romans 13, 1 Peter 2).

How do governments of the world determine good and evil? Left on their own, governments often get it wrong. Government needs the Church to provide a standard and to give sound counsel on what the Lord has called good and evil.

The law has never been able to save, but it is a moral teacher and shaper of culture. For righteous leaders pass laws that guide society toward what is right and protect people by making it more difficult to sin and easier to pursue righteousness.

As Americans, we get to choose our ministers of government. As Christians we know what God expects of government. He also expects us to be good stewards of this opportunity and select righteous, qualified individuals to serve as ministers in government. Our right to vote is a gift God has given us to use to honor Him (Matthew 25:14-30).

Urge other believers to consider their vote a gift from God to be used for His glory!
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“Renewing our mind” on what the Bible says about government (3-minute video):

The Bible speaks of kings. Who is our “king” in America? (8-minute video)

Pastors, please consider doing the following for your congregation:

1. Use our bulletin insert as a tool to help educate your people on not only how and when to vote, but also on what the Bible says about government (If you have any difficulties downloading the insert, please contact The FAMiLY LEADER offices at 515-263-3495).


2. Show the one-minute “Honoring God 2018” video at your church. The video is completely IRS and 501(c)3 compliant. You can also download the video here.

3. Make an announcement to your congregation the weekend before the election. Consider using this slide when you make your announcement.


4. Send out a reminder via social media, phone apps, and/or emails. You might consider the following language:

    • Remember to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6! Also remember, as Christians, we have been given the gift of selecting our leaders and the responsibility to steward that gift for the glory of God. #HonoringGod2018

5. Join us in prayer for this critical time in our nation. Download and use our guide to 30 days of prayer leading up to the election:

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Urge other believers to consider their vote a gift from God to be used for His glory!
Click here to use a quick, easy tool to spread the message!

The goal of Honoring God 2018, a ministry of The Family Leader Foundation, is not to pick sides in the partisan battle. Rather it is to help educate and equip the Church biblically on how to engage government God’s way, without compromising the gospel.