EndHT Update 3-18-15


Dear friends of trafficking victims,

THANKS for emailing the Senators last week! They really appreciated the encouragement! I’ve had great follow-up visits with some of them, and with two additional key players.

Right now, things are teed-up VERY well for our bill to hire more investigators. But, tomorrow is a BIG day, since the Revenue Estimating Conference will tell the Legislature how much tax money the Legislature can expect to receive, and spend, in the coming budget year. THAT number will dictate how much the Legislature will need to cut out of the previously-promised spending. If it’s a low estimate of tax revenue, we could get zeroed out.

So, as soon as the numbers come out tomorrow, I will go back to the Appropriations Chairmen and find out what kind of shape we’re in. IF we’re still “in the hunt” for some new spending for human trafficking investigators, I’ll survey the remaining legislators and see if any of them need to hear from you! Stay tuned.

For God and the victims,

Chuck Hurley

P.S. A good training bill, Senate File 450, just passed the Senate yesterday, 50 – 0, and is now in the House. It should breeze through the House, and help get more police officers and front-line workers trained in what to look for in a trafficking situation, hopefully leading to more rescues!

P.P.S. Encourage your friends to get involved – tell them to text “EndHT” to 67076 to get these updates.