Congratulations to Rep. Dwayne Alons!

Congratulations to Rep. Dwayne Alons!


As presented at TFL’s “Celebrate the Family” Fundraising Dinner on November 22.

I’m Chuck Hurley, Vice-President of The Family Leader, and one of our ministry’s closest friends, State Representative Dwayne Alons, is battling cancer, and can’t be here tonight to personally receive our 1st annual Family Champion Award. We want to pray for him in a moment, but first want to share the purpose of the Award, and why Dwayne is such a fitting inaugural recipient of it.

In launching the Family Champion Award, The Family Leader intends to publicly thank those who have gone the 2nd mile in exhibiting Christ-like leadership, as they champion the family-strengthening values that are so desperately needed in our homes, churches, and government, and that are so under attack today.

Dwayne Alons fits this purpose to a T. When we decided last summer to launch this award, we settled immediately on Dwayne. Now, with his fight against cancer, it makes this presentation bitter-sweet, especially since his treatment prevents his attendance tonight. But we decided we should go ahead with the presentation tonight, and send him a DVD of it later, so that you can be aware of his great spirit of public service, and so that we can honor him now, as he so well deserves to be honored.

When it comes to championing pro-family values in Iowa, nobody has stood stronger, longer, and with such grace as Dwayne. He was born and still farms in Hull, Iowa; he’s been a fighter his entire adult life, flying fighter jets, and attaining the rank of Brigadier General, in the Iowa Air National Guard, and now entering his 17th year of service in the Iowa House.

He’s been a rock solid spiritual and family leader, as a devoted husband to Clarice, father of 4, grandfather of 13, and a leader in Christ Community Church.

Here’s a video featuring Dwayne and our Capitol team, to better describe his character and contributions to our mutual cause.

Congratulations, Representative Alons, and we express our deepest gratitude for your unwavering service. You are an inspiration to us all, and we pray that many follow in your footsteps.

We also implore Iowans to pray for healing for Representative Alons, as cancer is a very difficult battle. Please pray that God would be glorified through Dwayne’s life.