Fearless Senator Guth

Fearless Senator Guth


State Senator Dennis Guth (pronounced like “booth”) has been fearless in his effort to share the truth with the Iowa Senate and Iowans in general.  Last week he was attacked by a fellow Senator Matt McCoy, who described Senator Guth as “ignorant,” after Senator Guth mentioned the strong correlation between men having sex with men (MSM) and sexual disease.   We covered the story, and you can view their comments in our article, Are These Comments Ignorant?

To defend his integrity, Senator Guth appealed to the Senate today to review his source of the information (The Center for Disease Control and the American College of Pediatricians).  He also offered to have lunch with Senator McCoy and get to know each other better.

We stand solidly behind Senator Dennis Guth and his effort to “speak the truth in love”.  We hope that all Iowans will join us.

We have included links to these two sources in an effort to help Senator Guth in speaking the truth.  Please check them out, and you will find that science confirms what God teaches in His word – it is best for marriage to be reserved for one man and one woman.



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