FR Youth Defend Marriage en masse

LifeSiteNews: Since last Friday, public demonstrations against same-sex “marriage” and adoption in France have been escalating, not only in Paris but also in remote provincial towns and even abroad among French expatriates. The Senate’s approval of the gay marriage bill (known as the “loi Taubira,” after the Justice Minister that proposed the text to the legislature) has sparked off a wave of anger, and groups of determined young people all over the country have decided to make their presence felt.

Paris, Photo: Le Salon Beige
Paris, Photo: Le Salon Beige

The FAMiLY LEADER is encouraged that so many young people understand the importance of marriage to culture and society, and are doing something about it.  We should all learn from this and be inspired that each of us can make a difference to defend marriage.

HT: Alliance Defending Freedom

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