Giving Good Dads Their Due

Giving Good Dads Their Due


~ by Tamara Scott, Family Policy Advocate

Father’s Day is often met with a variety of responses. While we usually honor moms with flowers and pastors’ best praises followed by treating them out to a special brunch; dads often get scolded from the pulpits for the shortcomings of their peers and the state of the nation. Then, they likely get grill duty sweating over hot flames cooking for everyone else who all seem to be sipping beverages in the shade. Is there an Amen?

It’s true we need only look so far as the local juvenile detention center or even the local public school and we see, visibly see, the impact of dads missing in action. Whether some never reported for duty or a divorce has brought distance, we all know way too many families that are hurting. Even when under the same roof, intact families also have their own difficulties with ‘dad time’ due to busy sport schedules, business trips, and technology causing more drifting than dining time.

It’s not easy being a dad, it’s even more difficult to be a good dad today. We need to give those good dads their due and say “Thank you.” Thank you to all the dads who get to the office early or pick up a late shift to make ends meet. Thank you for buying bikes to spend time as family rather than a bass boat for you and the fishin’ buddies. For driving an older model car because newer model strollers are really expensive.

Though the culture would diminish and demoralize dads, there are many out there who are dedicated to their families. For those dads, the game has been upped.They no longer report for dinner after the wife has done the running.No, they too are balancing budgets, business meetings, and birthday parties. The dad of today may vacuum circles around his grandfather, but the road is more difficult and the load likely heavier. He’s still called to be the spiritual leader of the home and a Godly role model. Contrary to culture, he sacrificially loves his wife as Christ loved the church, Eph 5:25; and he is careful not to exasperate or embitter his children Eph 6:4, Col 3:21.All the more reason they deserve our honor and our help as a mate.

To those dads who are still reporting for duty – thank you. You are one to impart the blessings of Abraham on your household which will carry over to restoring a nation. To every woman whose blessed enough to have such a man – give thanks – and then honor him with your words, your attitude, and your actions. Give the good dads their due!