Go Home for Christmas

Go Home for Christmas



The highways are busy and the airports are sure to be packed as moms and dads with their children, uncles and aunts, grandpas and grandmas, brothers and sisters all journey to go home for Christmas. There’s a special and most unique bond between Christmas and home. We all have it in our hearts to go home, to celebrate, to sing, to eat and to share our gifts with one another. This is why no one should be “home alone”… It’s Christmas!

TFLTeam-Board 7-2014 medIt’s with this longing in our hearts that we at The FAMiLY LEADER encourage you to go home this Christmas. Sure, we hope you can gather with family and indulge in the sugar and in the spice while watching football, playing games, exchanging gifts, worshiping at Church and singing carols.  More so, we invite you to go Home…to the manger…and take it in. This greatest gift, God’s one and only Son…the Christ Child, was given for you, for me…for us.  When the world is dark, this gift brings light.  When the world brings despair, this gift delivers hope.  When this world entices with lies…this gift embraces with Truth.  When this world is most unfair and unjust, this gift brings the greatest gift of all…Love.

So, this Christmas, go home! Let His light shine…Let His hope be embraced and let His love be realized.  Yes, go home!  And, take your sons and daughters home…your moms and dads home…your grandpas and grandmas home…your brothers and sisters home.  But don’t stop there — encourage your friends and acquaintances, your neighbors, the passer-byers, and the strangers to go Home!

Go Home this Christmas! Jesus…the Son of God…the greatest gift…the reason for the season…is there for you, for me…for us!

Merry Christmas!

Bob Vander Plaats and The FAMiLY LEADER team