Gov. Christie Abandons Leadership, Marriage

TN_Bob3The FAMiLY LEADER President and CEO, Bob Vander Plaats, responded to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s decision to withdraw his state’s appeal of a New Jersey court order to undefine marriage.

Bob Vander Plaats said, “Governor Christie is not showing leadership.  Leaders lead out of conviction.  It is one thing to say ‘I believe in one man, one woman marriage,’ but when the judicial branch attempts to legislate from the bench in violation of their constitutional boundaries, and then you back away from upholding the institution of marriage and the Constitution, you aren’t a leader.”

Vander Plaats continued, “This problem illustrates exactly why we must have the separation of powers.  If the courts are supposed to make all the decisions, why do we need a legislature or a governor?”

“If the Courts can undefine the foundational institution of marriage and get away with it, why do we think they would hesitate when it comes to erasing your property rights, or your second amendment rights?  Governor Christie should have responded with a vigorous appeal to the New Jersey high court.  Americans know that courts don’t get to make law.  Instead, he capitulated to the court and abandoned his job, abandoned marriage, and abandoned ‘We the People.'”

When asked about the possibility of a presidential run by Christie, Vander Plaats responded, “With his recent and enthusiastic embrace of Obama’s leadership during the peak of the 2012 election, he already raised some red flags for principled Republicans. Now, with this decision, he just added more cause for pause.  He is now guilty of backing away from the New Jersey Constitution and the separation of powers.  The base of the Republican Party is not going to go for that.”

Bob concluded, “We are asking Americans to tell Governor Chris Christie they are disgusted with his decision to abandon principled leadership and abandon marriage.  We are asking them to join a network telling Governor Christie to “Lead, or get out of the way!” by going to