He narrowly escaped 9/11 … to come to Iowa

He narrowly escaped 9/11 … to come to Iowa


On Sept. 10, 2001, First Officer Steve Scheibner packed his suitcase and waited for the phone call finalizing his assignment to fly American Airlines Flight 11 the next day from Boston to Los Angeles.

The call never came. Scheibner had been “bumped” from the assignment.

The next day, American Airlines Flight 11 was hijacked … and became the first plane to fly into the World Trade Center.

Now the The FAMiLY LEADER Foundation is excited to introduce Steve Scheibner will be sharing his testimony at this year’s Family Leadership Summit on July 15, as he explains what it feels like to have someone die in your place.

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You can see a highlight of his story here:

Steve is a retired Navy pilot. After leaving active duty in 1991, he was hired by American Airlines and currently flies the Boeing 757 and 767 out of Boston’s Logan Airport.

In July of 2000, Steve, Megan, and the family moved to Georgetown, Maine, where Steve founded Cornerstone Baptist Church. The church has grown over the years, and current attendance tops 225 per Sunday service. Steve remained active in the Navy Reserve. In 2001, Steve was asked to design and teach a course in Navy Core Values. The course has found broad acceptance, and Steve is a highly sought after trainer and motivational speaker. More than 10,000 service members have attended his Core Values seminars, since its inception in early 2002.

Steve and Megan are instrumental in the lives of young parents. They have developed a parenting course entitled “Parenting Matters: The Nine Practices of The Proactive Parent.” They travel extensively, teaching weekend parenting seminars. Steve recently adapted and taught his Navy Core Values training to the entire student body and faculty of Clearwater Christian College in Clearwater, Florida. He is also the author of several books and studies.

In 2011 Steve retired as a commander from the U.S. Navy. He is currently a first officer for American Airlines. He recently retired as senior pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church of Topsham, Maine to become president of Characterhealth Corporation, a non-profit conference ministry aimed at equipping parents to train the next generation of character-healthy leaders.

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