Help us showcase “If 7:14”

Help us showcase “If 7:14”



Friend of the FAMiLY,

If 7:14 is a response to a calling that I and The FAMiLY LEADER took seriously after our 2012 Family Leadership Summit where the message was clear. Speaker after speaker proclaimed that our only hope in turning things around spiritually, fiscally, morally, nationally, internationally, and personally is…revival.

If 7:14 is an urgent and compelling call for revival based upon 2 Chronicles 7:14…a passage we believe gives us a glimpse of God’s heart and a template for revival. If we hope to pin our nation’s shortcomings on our political opposition and to blame others for our collapsing spin, we have come to the wrong place. And that’s why we need revival.

Even as we’ve gone into this project with fairly optimistic and high hopes, nothing could have fully prepared me for the plethora of opportunities that have been made available because of If 7:14. Here is a sample of them from just the past few weeks:

  • 2chron714An invitation to showcase If 7:14 for the National Prayer Committee at the Billy Graham Evangelical Association
  • The occasion to speak about If 7:14 to Executive Pastors of some of the largest churches in the country
  • A God-ordained opportunity to unveil If 7:14 for Christian radio broadcasters across the country at the National Religious Broadcaster’s Convention in Nashville.


As you might imagine, all of these opportunities are costing The FAMiLY LEADER money we weren’t planning on spending. But they are opportunities that we absolutely must take advantage of and utilize.

In a moment I’ll give you more details about these openings, which have virtually fallen in our lap by the providence of God. But initially, I want to briefly make a couple of broader points.

First, generally speaking, God’s hand of blessing has been on The FAMiLY LEADER in enormous, almost incomprehensible ways for the past several years. I don’t have time to go through the litany of specific blessings and circumstances He has laid before us, but this If 7:14 initiative is yet another big item on that growing list.febmailerclock

Just like Luke 12:48 was true years before God’s favor landed at The FAMiLY LEADER, it is still true today: “To whom much is given, much will be demanded.” In other words, we must do our best to make the most of these blessings God has granted us.

And that’s exactly what I’m writing to ask you to help us do today. To maximize the blessings of God so others can be blessed to the greatest degree. Not just with If 7:14 and its accompanying initiative, but with everything we are and do at The FAMiLY LEADER.


febmailercolumn1A second point, as it relates more specifically to If 7:14, this initiative is designed to be a tangible and intentional “spark” for believers to be serious and authentic in turning our individual and collective hearts back to God… as in a national revival.

Please don’t blow past or disregard that. At first glance, it might seem grandiose or arrogant to suggest that this book and prayer initiative, by our human efforts, is going to play any sort of a role in reviving America.

I might actually have had the same thought if I hadn’t seen up close and personal how the Lord has blessed our work at The FAMiLY LEADER. He continually places us in positions of increased influence, both here in Iowa and nationally.

Obviously, God’s positioning of us in this way is not about me or a book or an initiative or even about The FAMiLY LEADER.  Rather, it is about principles and ideas, based in God’s Word, that, by His grace, we have been able to defend faithfully. 

Not only that, but as I talk with religious, cultural, and political leaders who also remain faithful to stand by the same principles and ideas, they’re telling a story similar to ours. Namely, that they sense God working in peoples’ hearts and aligning key influencers, possibly in preparation for a widespread shift back toward biblical principles upon which America was built.

How great would it be to be part of something like that?!

Obviously I don’t know the future and there aren’t any guarantees about what God’s going to do in our nation. But if there is a movement afoot to restore some of our founding principles, I’m convinced we’ll be playing a significant role in it.

That is, of course, if conservative, constitutional, pro-family believers like you continue to generously and faithfully support our work.

See, unlike Planned Parenthood or the liberal universities and public institutions that are pushing an agenda directly opposed to ours, we don’t get one dime from the government to fund our mission. No, we rely solely on the support of people like you.

And, honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Because it allows us to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done without looking over our shoulder to make sure we’re appeasing the strings attached back to Uncle Sam.

In an attempt to give you a glimpse of the blessing that God is lavishing on us lately, specific to If 7:14, the next section details the most recent opportunities we’ve been given:



National Prayer Committee at Billy Graham Evangelical Association

A few weeks ago, I was extended an invitation by Mr. David Butts, Chairman of the National Prayer Committee, to present at their annual meeting. It took place at The Billy Graham Library and The Billy
Graham Evangelical Association in Charlotte, North Carolina.

David literally read If 7:14 and the initiative’s “call to action” the day before he called me. He was more than enthused and believes all of this could be the hub to or a major spoke in the “revival wheel.”

The National Prayer Committee is composed of 90 national and international prayer leaders with extensive
networks. This opportunity was Divine. Praise God!

Nationwide Church Executive Pastors’ Conference in Dallas

A few days prior to speaking with Mr. David Butts, I was invited to present on If 7:14 and its initiative at a Large Church Executive Pastor’s Conference in Dallas. Those in attendance will include approximately
250 Executive Pastors from across the country representing 80-100 churches with an average worship attendance of 3,200 per weekend.

Again, this opportunity pretty much fell in our lap over a cup of coffee. I had no idea such a conference even existed.  Now, later in February, I am scheduled to be in Dallas presenting the vision of the If 7:14 initiative.
Again, praise God!

National Religious Broadcasters Conference in Nashville

A week or so before the Executive Pastors opportunity came together, our If 7:14 initiative was offered another marquee event, probably the biggest of the three I’m highlighting in this letter.

The Truth Network and The Bott Radio Network have extended The FAMiLY LEADER an invitation to showcase If 7:14 and the initiative at the NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) Conference in Nashville.

Stu Epperson of The Truth Network and Rich Bott of The Bott Radio Network are very enthusiastic about what we’re doing and are working their contacts at NRB to give us a platform. This will include:

  • an If 7:14 co-sponsored breakfast for approximately 400 key ministry leaders
  • an If 7:14 co-sponsored booth space
  • an If 7:14 book signing

High profile leaders who most likely will attend the NRB Conference include Dr. James Dobson, Dr. Tony Evans, Franklin Graham, Governor Mike Huckabee (who wrote the forward for If 7:14), Dr. David Jeremiah, Eric Metaxas, Rick Warren, and many others.

Influential national organizations we’ll interact with include the American Family Association, Focus on the Family, the Salem Radio Network, and many others.

Our costs for involvement in the NRB Conference alone, as a non-NRB member, are $20,000. This covers:

  • Four team members’ convention passes, travel and hotel ($5000)
  • Co-sponsorship of the breakfast I mentioned ($5000)
  • Co-sponsorship of the booth space ($2500)
  • A shipment of 500 signed If 7:14 books for ministry leaders at breakfast ($5000)
  • Printed promotional materials & banners for breakfast, booth and conference ($2500) 

febmailerfounded Nfebmailercolumn2ow don’t get me wrong, we trust in the Lord for our role in reviving our nation. To accomplish God’s will, we don’t rely on someone else or other organizations or conferences; not in books or promotional materials. However, at the same time, God has given us the responsibility to build strategic partnerships and to put forth our best efforts toward His work. And that’s exactly what these opportunities I’ve outlined represent.

As you can readily attest, these are great opportunities, not only for the If 7:14 initiative, but for The FAMiLY LEADER at large, to advance our God-given agenda for conservative, constitutional, pro-family, biblical principles.

No doubt, part of the reason I write this is to let you know about these financial needs that have come up for us over the past month — needs that are outside of our normal budget demands.

But on a larger scale, beyond this narrow — albeit exciting — sample of blessings we’ve been handed, I want to give you evidence of God’s favor on The FAMiLY LEADER.

This is an organization worth your very best, most sacrificial contribution.  Not because of me, or my book, or the great conferences we’re invited to, or the influential people we’re connected to, but because God’s hand is blessing our work. And, because our prayer, is to keep our work continually founded in Him.

Please prayerfully consider being a bigger part of something that is getting bigger! febmailersal P. S.  Please click here to give your very best gift.  Thank you!