Where/How to caucus

Where/How to caucus




1. Find your caucus location. At 7:00 p.m. on Feb. 1, Republicans and Democrats gather in schools, churches, and other local venues by party. Both parties have now made finding your caucus location (which is different from your polling place) easy. To find YOUR caucus location, click on the link below for the party caucus you wish to attend:

2. Check in at your site. Anyone old enough to vote on Election Day (Nov. 8, 2016) can caucus, even if they haven’t yet turned 18. You may need to bring a photo ID. You will need to be registered to vote as a party member, but if you aren’t, you can register on the spot.

3. Listen to your neighbors. Both parties create opportunities for your friends and neighbors to speak on behalf of their favorite candidate. YOU don’t have to speak, but others likely will.

4. Cast your vote. For Republicans this is easy; it’s a secret ballot. Democrats have a system where you vote by standing with a group of people who support a candidate, before the smaller groups are reshuffled until only “viable” candidates who meet a minimum number of voters remain.

That’s it! Both parties conduct other pieces of important business on Caucus Night that you can stay for, or leave if you like, but the vote is done. It really is that simple.

Want a quick VIDEO tutorial on how to caucus that’s easy to share with others? The Iowa Secretary of State’s Office has made two, easy-to-understand videos, one for Democrats, one for Republicans: