I Couldn’t Make the Rally

Maybe you had every desire to come to the rally and protest your hard-earned money being handed over to abortion providers, but you had other responsibilities that demanded your time — like work.

We understand, and were thrilled how just under 200 people were able to make time in their schedules.  But just because you couldn’t make it to the rally doesn’t mean you can’t have a huge impact!

Here’s five ways you can make a really big impact on defunding abortion providers:

petition image21. Sign the petition

It is just as valuable to show support for life as before the rally.


2. Contact your own representative and senator

Encourage them to not vote for funding of abortion providers (be polite and don’t argue).

Call them (find your lawmakers here), send them an email, or write them a letter (email and letter tips).


3. Contact House and Senate leadership

Encourage them to not vote for funding of abortion providers.  The House Republicans are likely to support it, but please encourage them to do so.

Rep. Upmeyer

Rep. Steve Olson

Rep. Hagenow

Rep. Fry

Rep. Rogers

Rep. Jeff Smith

Rep. Windschitl

Sen. Gronstal

Sen. Jochum

Sen. Dix


4. Contact Sen. Joe Seng

Thank him for being the only Senate Democrat to vote to end funding to abortion providers.


5. Thank Sen. Amy Sinclair

She ran an amendment in the Senate to end funding to abortion providers.


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