“If 7:14” Going National!

“If 7:14” Going National!


if714The FAMiLY LEADER is humbled and honored to have the If 7:14 movement featured in CITIZEN magazine this past November, and then also highlighted in this nation-wide email from Focus on the Family (posted below).  We encourage you to join this growing movement of Christians dedicating themselves to pray for personal and national revival at 7:14 a.m. and 7:14 p.m.  It’s so simple, yet so powerful.  Will you join the movement?



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Dear Friends:

In our fast-paced culture, Americans often get sound-bite-sized coverage of the issues that directly impact them. And too often, marriage, sexuality and religious freedom are either covered from a hostile, secular perspective or not at all.

In this environment, Focus on the Family Citizen® magazine is a breath of fresh air.

When you open the pages of Citizen, every article will help you view current events and cultural topics through a biblical lens. Our journalists delve into the stories of everyday Christians who have faced opposition, but chose to boldly stand for God’s truths in the public square.

For example, the November 2014 issue of Citizen features Bob Vander Plaats, president of THE FAMILY LEADER, Iowa’s own family policy council (FPC) associated with Focus on the Family.

Citizen caught up with Vander Plaats before the 2014 mid-term elections to discuss the “If 7:14 Initiative,” a fast-growing prayer movement birthed from the FPC’s annual Leadership Summit.

The key to its success? Vander Plaats believes it’s the nation’s deep hunger for hope, truth and spiritual revival.

“I see seeds of revival all around the country where the focus is on restoring our lives to God,” he says. “Because we’ve come to the point where we can see that nothing else will do.”
We’re so sure you’ll be encouraged and inspired by this story—and by of the rest of what you’ll find in Citizen—that we’re inviting you to download the entire November issue for FREE!

We know the culture will never be silent on foundational issues, such as marriage, sexuality and religious freedom.

Subscribing to Citizen magazine (available in print and in a digital version for iPad users) will help prepare you to defend what you believe with reason, gentleness, respect and hope (I Peter 3:15).

Be a fully informed, totally engaged Christian.

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