“If 7:14” on FOX News!

“If 7:14” on FOX News!


I’m thrilled that my good friend, Governor Mike Huckabee, has invited me to appear on the “Huckabee” program Saturday, May 3rd to talk about The FAMiLY LEADER’s new book, If 7:14…An Urgent Call for Revival…It’s Time.  Governor Huckabee timed the interview to put an emphasis on prayer after observing the National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 1. 

We talked about Dr. Dobson’s comments at the National Day of Prayer, the need for revival, If 7:14, and the If 7:14 prayer initiative to pray for revival at 7:14 am and 7:14 pm every day.  If we hope to pin our nation’s shortcomings on our political opposition and to blame others for our collapsing spin, we have come to the wrong place.  And that’s why we need revival. 

Learn more about “If 7:14” and how you can get the book…

Governor Huckabee wrote the forward to If 7:14 saying,

“This book is one I’d happily recommend even if my worst enemy had written it!  That’s because it forcefully reminds us that without spiritual revival, this country is ‘game over’; and it perfectly delivers the ways and means to that necessary revival.”

Read Mike Huckabee’s complete forward to “If 7:14”

Governor Huckabee and I discussed the book just a couple of months ago when he was in Des Moines.  Check out this short video. 


Tune in to “Huckabee” this Saturday, May 3rd on Fox News at 7:00 PM CT!  (It will also be replayed on Sunday evening on Fox News at 7:00 PM CT.)