Inspiring: Pastors Giving Bibles to Legislators

Inspiring: Pastors Giving Bibles to Legislators


God’s Word will never return void…  

For those who may have missed it, last week The FAMiLY LEADER organized 130 churches from all across the state to sponsor and give leather-bound Founders’ Bibles to their legislators.  Many churches sponsored bibles for both their senator and representative, enabling all 150 legislators to receive their own personal copy of God’s Word! 

terry amann“This isn’t just any Bible, this is The Founders’ Bible.  [It includes] the belief of the Founding Fathers, their fear of God, their understanding of the scriptures and how it applies to everyday life, and the government they formed around that.” -Pastor Terry Amann

founders bibleThis bible was specifically chosen because it is infused with hundreds of pages of historical context outlining how our Founding Fathers used the Bible as their primary guide for designing this nation.

robert cramer“What a difference that will make in the way they govern if they understand God’s plan for government!” -Robert Cramer

I think you will be very inspired as you watch this short video on how the legislators responded as the Bibles were presented:


We are inspired by the support and response of the pastors and lay-leaders who traveled hours to make these presentations, get to know their legislator on a personal level, and commit to pray for them.

If you want to watch a clip with more sound bites of Del Tackett and me, we have condensed it down as best we could to just a few minutes:


Thanks for your support!  Efforts like these are expensive. If you’re inspired, please make a donation today so we can keep organizing efforts like this to inspire Christ-like leadership in our culture.


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