Iowa Caucus Information

Iowa Caucus Information


The 2014 Iowa Caucuses will be held on January 21, 2014 at 7 p.m.  This caucus is going to be a crucial one.  This may be one of the most important caucuses we have ever had, even though Iowans won’t be casting their votes for president. The FAMiLY LEADER and the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition understand the importance of the 2014 caucuses and because of that, we have decided to partner together to ensure that our pro-family values like life, marriage, religious liberty, etc. are elevated and defended.

Why is it crucial for Christians to attend the Iowa caucuses and stand up to defend God’s plan for life and the family? 

There are those out there who are working to undermine the values that we all hold dear. They see them as unwinnable issues and want to remove them as values that either party upholds. Bottom line, they want to compromise and conform to the patterns of this world rather than seek His kingdom and His righteousness.

Marriage will be under attack more than it ever has been before. There will be an effort to have both parties in favor of homosexual marriage. If both parties fail to stand for marriage and other pro-family values, it will become extremely difficult for both The FAMiLY LEADER and the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition to further these values at the legislative level.  Do not sit idly behind this caucus cycle just because there is no vote for president. If you do, you might wake up to a country where no major political party will stand up for our values.



To help prepare you for the Iowa Caucuses, The FAMiLY LEADER and the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition are offering a caucus training video offered below.   The training will equip you with everything you need to know before the Iowa Caucuses on January 21st.

It is extremely important for Christian conservatives to show up to the caucuses to protect the freedom-loving, constitutional values we all hold dear.  Issues like life and marriage will be under attack this caucus cycle. Therefore, your engagement in the process will be necessary to defend our beliefs.

In the video, we address questions like:

  • Where do I go to caucus?
  • What is this caucus and how does it differ from a presidential caucus?
  • Why is it important for me to attend?
  • What happens when I get there?

We invite you to invest your time to view the video and more importantly, we hope you can attend the 2014 Iowa Caucuses.  Your can make a difference for this generation and the next!


1. Find your precinct at the Secretary of State website

2. Find where your precinct will meet: Iowa GOP or Iowa Democrat Party

3. Watch this training video (60 min):

2014 Iowa Caucuses powerpoint

4. Platform Planks


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