Iowa House votes for women’s health, cuts funding to Planned Parenthood

Thank you, Rep. Sandy Salmon and Iowa House Republicans, for standing up for taxpayers, women, and children!

Read KCCI’s article about Wednesday’s House-approved budget here.

For years, Iowans have been pumping millions of tax dollars into 13 women’s abortion clinics, most of them located in only a few, urban areas. These clinics don’t offer basic women’s health services like prenatal care or mammograms, but they’re politically connected and receive massive amounts of public funding.

Iowa House Republicans have advocated instead funding 213 other clinics throughout the state, including many in rural areas. These clinics care for women and their children, offer more comprehensive care, and are more accessible to expectant mothers.

It’s time women in Iowa were given a real choice in their health care, instead of being forced to fund just 13 clinics in order to subsidize abortion.